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Are you considering buying a calico cat? If so, you might want to reconsider. Calico kittens are cats bred with love. It can be a wonderful companion, but it’s not for everyone. I’m here to provide some insight into why this breed might not be the best choice for you if you’re looking for a new pet.

In recent years, calico kittenss have become increasingly popular due to their unique personalities. While these cats do have many advantages, there are also some disadvantages that must be considered, both physical and behavioral. This must be considered before keeping them as companion animals.Are Calico Kittens Really Suitable For You?插图

In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why owning a calico cat may not be right for every home, including grooming needs and other issues that come with living with these adorable creatures. So if you’re still interested in finding out whether buying a calico cat is the right decision for your family, keep reading!

Precautions for Feeding Calico Kittens

Pay attention to a healthy diet
Calico kittens’ diet should be light and not too simple. The intake of other nutrients is also essential, such as vitamins and proteins. You can also prepare some snacks to reward the cat.

Never feed calico kittens with leftovers. It is best to choose nutritious cat food.

The gastrointestinal tract of kittens is relatively fragile. When the kittens are four or five weeks old, they can drink water on their own. They must keep the water source clean and do not give raw water. If you pick up a calio kitten, you need to feed it cat milk powder. All prepared milk must be heated in hot water to 35-38°C before feeding it to the kitten.

Multiple interactions
Calico kittens are very attached to their owners, so they need their owners to play with them often. This can not only enhance the relationship, but also make the calico cat happy, which is beneficial to mental health. You can use cat toys and prepare snacks to reward them, which can enhance the relationship with the owner.Are Calico Kittens Really Suitable For You?插图1

Age-appropriate sterilization
Most calico kittens are female. During estrus, they may run away from home, howl all night, or even give birth to many kittens. Therefore, it is best to raise calico cats at the right stage.

Calico Kittens Need Regular Grooming

Although calico kittens have a docile and approachable personality, they are still quite resistant to bathing. The owner should not pull them hard during the bath. Be careful not to let the water flow into the calico cat’s nose and cause them to choke on the water. After bathing your calico cat, remember to dry it. Do not use the hair dryer too loudly when blowing.

Cats will shed hair when the seasons change, especially long-haired calico cats. The hair of calico cats is thick and long. Therefore, hair care and grooming work for calico cats is inevitable, and grooming should be maintained every day. And let the cat bask in the sun to promote blood circulation and relieve hair loss.

Are Calico Kittens Really Suitable For You?插图2Cats like to attack people with their claws and will scratch them at every turn. It may scratch your clothes while playing on you. In addition, because their claws are too long, they may be knocked down by obstacles and suffer trauma or fractures. Therefore, the nails of calico cats also need to be cared for. It is recommended to take care every 3-4 weeks. When cutting toenails, start from the front of the part where the blood vessels appear red. Sometimes if the cut is too deep, it will bleed due to touching the blood vessels. At this time, you need to apply hemostatic agent, which will stop the bleeding immediately. So it is very important that you prepare medicines to stop bleeding first.

Calico cats need to be dewormed regularly to avoid parasites and disease hazards.

​5 Points Provided by Calico Kittens Owners

An unstable look
​The three colors on the calico cat are randomly distributed. As for what it looks like, it depends on how God gives it. Therefore, the appearance of calico kittens is unstable. Some cats are very good-looking, but some others are disabled. Many people are obsessed with appearance. When they see disabled calico cats, their owners think they are ugly, so they abandon them. But it is difficult to find two calico cats that are exactly the same in this world. The only advantage is that they are quite unique.Are Calico Kittens Really Suitable For You?插图3

Loud meows
Calico kittens are all female cats, so most of them are aloof and have bad tempers, especially during the estrus period. Calico cats are not only very emotional, but also meow non-stop all day long. Their meows are high-pitched and unpleasant, which is unbearable. This is also the reason why calico cats are very disliked by people, so the abandonment rate of calico cats is quite high. This reason is quite realistic!

Destruction maker
Some pet owners who have raised calico kittens say that they are really naughty. They are very curious and want to “study” everything. The flowers and plants at home, vases, water cups, and sofas will all become the objects of study for calico cats. Most owners probably don’t want to have a cat that is disruptive.

A wilder personality
Calico kittens have a wilder personality. Everyone knows that female cats are more independent and thoughtful than male cats. Therefore, calico cats are not the kind of clingy and docile kittens. If you want to kiss and hug them, it will be more difficult, because calico kittens are not breeds that you can pet as you please.Are Calico Kittens Really Suitable For You?插图4

A thin body
Calico kittens are all female, so they don’t have gills and often have a thin body. Compared with other chubby cats, they don’t look so cute. If you prefer fatter cats, calico cats are naturally not that popular. However, as long as the cat is healthy, it doesn’t matter whether it is fat or thin. The cat’s health is the most important thing. Calico cats have good physical fitness and are easy to raise. This is an advantage. They love to eat no matter what they are given.

The above is what you need to pay attention to when raising calico kittens. You can consider whether this little cutie is suitable for you based on the advice given by owners who have raised calico cats. Once you decide to give a calico cat a home, you must have enough love and patience to be responsible for this little life.

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