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Now more and more people are raising calico kittens. Why are calico kittens so special? Let’s explore it in terms of appearance, personality, and more. If you are wondering about calico cats, please join me.

Special coat color

Calico kittens have three colors: black, orange(red), and white. This makes it look a little different. The three colors are intertwined on the cat, giving the cat a distinctive coat and making people more impressed by this cat.
There are no breed differences in calico cats, so there are also calico garden cats, calico ragdoll cats, calico hairless cats, etc. The most common one is the calico garden cat. Therefore, when these three colors appear on different breeds of cats, the characteristics of the cats will blend perfectly. This also makes them have different characteristics and make them more unique.4 Unique Things About Calico Kittens插图

Most Calico Kittens are female 

Generally speaking, nine out of ten calico kittens are female. There is no scientific basis for saying this. This is determined by the chromosomes of male and female cats. Because the gene that controls coat color only exists on the X chromosome. Therefore, compared with male cats with XY chromosomes, calico cats with three coat colors are mostly female cats.
Of course, the world is full of wonders, and there are also male cats with three coat colors. However, generally speaking, such a male cat only shows the characteristics of a male cat in appearance, but cannot give birth normally, and is a “fake male cat.”4 Unique Things About Calico Kittens插图1

Special meaning

Calico kittens are mostly female, which makes male cats with three coat colors very rare. Things are rare and valuable, and it is a very lucky thing to have a calico male cat. Therefore, there is a saying that calico male cats can attract wealth when placed in shops. This is also the prototype of the Lucky Cat.
The Japanese are particularly fond of calico cats and believe that calico kittens are a symbol of luck. Later, the shapes of lucky cats became more and more abundant, but the elements of calico kittens were always retained.4 Unique Things About Calico Kittens插图2

Outstanding Characteristics of Calico Kittens

  • Calico kittens not only look unique, but also have a very interesting soul. Calico cats always have a lot of ideas. Although they often “do not follow the rules”, their funny expressions and funny actions will make you laugh. Calico cats can indeed bring you infinite happiness. If you raise a calico cat, you will feel that your whole person is filled with happy emotions. Good-looking skins are the same, but interesting souls are unique. Calico cats are good-looking and interesting, and it’s hard not to love them.
  • Why do so many people keep calico kittens? For their abilities are particularly outstanding. If you have ever raised a calico cat, then you will know that the calico cat is very good at catching mice. If other mice catch one mouse, it may catch 5. It has excellent hunting ability. This is how calico cats help their owners protect food and protect their owners’ homes. It’s hard not to love such an outstanding calico cat.
  • Calico kittens are very spiritual and know how to recognize their owners. They may be unfamiliar with you at first. But after spending time with you for a long time, they will trust you very much and remember your kindness. Once they recognize their owners, they will be with you forever and will never do anything to betray you.4 Unique Things About Calico Kittens插图3
  • Moreover, calico kittens are very smart and know how to use their own advantages. They are very easy to be trained. As long as they are combined with snacks as rewards, they can learn many skills. A well-trained calico cat can also help its owner do many things.
  • Many people may think that calico cats are relatively aloof and wild, but in fact they are not. Like other pet cats, they treat their owners as the whole world. They like to stick to their owners, and often follow them step by step. The most endearing thing is that although calico cats are clingy, if their owners are busy or have to go to work, they will become independent. They can entertain themselves, take care of themselves, and put their owners at ease. Such a calico cat that is both clingy, independent and knows how to advance and retreat is really irresistible.

4 Unique Things About Calico Kittens插图4Calico kittens are so special that they are loved by people. However, it is not easy to truly understand a cat. Cats cannot express themselves through language, so the caretaker needs to take good care of the cat and spend enough time with it. In mutual love and companionship, you and your cat can continue to understand each other and become an indispensable part of each other’s lives. Having a cat is a blessing, and at the same time, cats bring endless joy to you.

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