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Some new cat owners often have a lot of confusion, such as how often should the cat litter be changed? How to remove used cat litter? In order to let cat friends learn as soon as possible, I personally summarized some content on several cats I have raised over the years.

How often is the best time to change the litter used by cats?

The cleaning litter box should be thoroughly cleaned once every two weeks at most. If you feel that there is a lot of cat litter left, which is very wasteful, I recommend two cat litter boxes, one large and one small. The commonly used one is slightly larger and the spare one is slightly smaller. The reason why the two litter boxes are interchangeable is that the cat litter box not only needs to be emptied, but also needs to be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sterilized. If it is not used for a while, the owner cannot hold it in, so it is necessary to have an interchangeable basin. Soak the empty cleaning litter box in laundry detergent and disinfectant (remember to keep it out of the cat’s reach when soaking to avoid accidental ingestion) for thirty minutes, and then clean it thoroughly.How to Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box Clean?插图

How to clean used cat litter?

  • Generally, larger cleaning litter box have a pedal to prevent the cat from taking the cat litter out of the litter box. So when cleaning, lift it up for easy cleaning.
  • Cat litter shovel is an essential tool for cleaning cat litter. It can quickly separate caked feces from clean cat litter that can be used again.
  • The large pieces are urine. When the water in the urine comes into contact with the cat litter, it will quickly dissolve the cat litter and quickly condense into large pieces of cat litter. (Secret: Tofu cat litter + bentonite clay, which can remove odor and solidify quickly. If the cat litter at home often sticks to the bottom, you can try this recipe)
  • Black or yellow individual small particles are cat feces. If you use tofu cat litter at home, you can flush it directly into the toilet. If you use bentonite clay, you still have to throw it in the trash can and tie the garbage bag tightly, because it still smells.
  • To clean the cat litter box, generally shovel from one side to the other, put the clean cat litter on one side, and then spread it out evenly after cleaning.How to Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box Clean?插图1

Precautions for novice cat owners

First, prepare a warm and comfortable sleeping place for the cat. You must know that a warm bed is an important part of the home, so preparing a good nest for the cat can make the cat feel more safe and warm.

Second, prepare a toilet with a lid for your cat, as toilets with lids can prevent leaks and mask smells. In addition, cat litter is a must because it can remove the odor caused by cats going to the toilet, otherwise the toilet is useless to cats.

Third, in addition to going to the hospital for a physical examination, the purchased kittens also need to be vaccinated and dewormed. Reduce the chance of cats getting sick.

Fourth, prepare a suitable tableware for cats. You must know that cats are the most concerned about their tableware among all pets, especially cat tableware that cannot be changed in their lifetime. Because some cats will refuse to eat or have indigestion when changing tableware, you should buy better tableware from the beginning.How to Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box Clean?插图2

How much cat litter should be added to the cat litter box?

The recommended dosage given by many cat litter products is one pack a month, one and a half packs, etc. This dosage is actually very inaccurate for people who just raise cats. Because for a cat, it doesn’t matter whether you give him one pack of cat litter or two packs. What matters is whether the cat litter is thick enough in the basin. Because the length and width of each cat’s litter box are different, some people’s litter boxes are very large, and one pack is still a thin layer, while some people’s litter boxes are smaller and two packs are too much.

Banmao recommends that you use the thickness of the sand layer to measure it. The ideal thickness should be 8 cm thick, and at least 5 cm thick. Why maintain this thickness? First of all, the thickness must be enough. Cats can feel the thick texture of cat litter when stepping on it. Thick enough to allow cats to dig out sand and bury it after going to the toilet. It is in line with cats’ nature to bury poop and pee, and cats will be happier when using it. And give the cat enough cat litter so that he can bury his excrement properly, and the home will be less smelly.How to Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box Clean?插图3

How to teach a kitten to use cat litter?

First, it is best not to keep cats in cages. Cats are animals that like to move freely. Let them be familiar with every corner of the home.
Second, bury its poop or urine-stained paper towels under the cat litter, and then put it in the cat litter box to let it smell. It is best to use its paws to dig the cat litter and let it smell. Know how to bury excrement.
Third, it is best to place the cat litter box in a hidden corner. Many cats don’t like to go to the toilet “openly”, and they don’t like the toilet to be right where they eat, sleep, and move around. If you place it in a location, they may mistakenly think that the litter box is in a hidden corner. It is a small nest or toy prepared for it.
Fourth. After it develops the habit of defecating in the cat litter box, remember to clean it up in time, especially if you use crystal cat litter that is not very absorbent. Excessive urine can easily accumulate under the cat litter. , cats love to be clean. They may find the smell too strong and stop defecating in the litter box.How to Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box Clean?插图4

The placement of the cat litter box

The litter box must be placed in a place where the cat can easily find it, and there should be no obstacles between the litter box and the cat that would hinder the cat’s access. For kittens, older cats, and sick cats, the litter box should not be placed high. If your home is small, one litter box can be used for one cat. The general recommendation from veterinarians is that the number of cat litter boxes in the home = the number of cats + 1.

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