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This cat that looks like Dobby the Elf in Harry Potter is called the Oriental shorthair. The Oriental shorthairs have thin, inverted triangular face, large and pointed ears, and a pair of big eyes that reveal freedom and agility. It looks like a mysterious animal from the magical world. The origin of such a cat is an accident.Why do you say that? Let’s find out.

History of the Oriental Shorthairs

The story of Oriental shorthair cats begins with Siamese cats. Siamese cats were introduced to the West at the end of the 19th century. Unlike other round cats, Siamese cats are more slender and more elegant, which immediately attracted the attention of breeders. With their eyes on them, they began to crossbreed.

Breeders originally planned to cross white cats with Siamese cats to obtain pure white Siamese cats. But in the process, Dongduan was accidentally born, a cat with pointed ears and a long, thin face. The appearance of the Dongduan can be said to be unconventional, and some people say it looks weird and ugly. Some people say it looks very weird, like an elf. They have been bred in colors such as chocolate, white and blue to mixed reviews.

Oriental Shorthair:A Perfect Blend of Elegance and Playfulness插图The CFA recognized the breed in 1972 and won the championship shortly after it was first exhibited in the United States in 1975. He has won the highest honor at American cat shows many times.

In addition, American breeding experts have also hybridized Oriental longhair cats, also known as aristocratic cats. It is a new breed obtained by crossing Oriental shorthair cats and Balinese cats (semi-long-haired Siamese cats). Oriental longhairs are exactly the same size and color as Oriental shorthairs. But the face and body are a little more rounded, not as strong as Dongduan. The temperament is also different from that of Oriental shorthair cats. Although it is a long-haired breed, the coat length of Oriental long-haired cats is only about 5 cm. The length of hair is far less than that of other breeds of long-haired cats.

If Siamese cats had not been introduced to the West, they would not have attracted the attention of breeders. There would be no Oriental shorthair kittens, let alone Oriental long-haired cats. With their slender limbs, elegant and calm posture, and a mysterious oriental charm, they are said to be the favorite cats of models.

Charm of the Oriental Shorthairs

Cat breeds like Eastern Shorthair are not common, and many people have never even heard of cats of this breed. When some people see an Oriental shorthair cat for the first time and see that it looks different from a cat, they may even shout that it is ugly!

Oriental Shorthair:A Perfect Blend of Elegance and Playfulness插图1But in fact, Oriental shorthairs have their own unique charm.


The biggest feature is the head, which has big triangular-shaped ears and a face with oval seeds. When the ears are erect, the line connecting the tips of the ears and the chin is similar to an equilateral triangle. The face is thin and has clear and strong lines. The nose is long and straight, forming a long straight line with the top of the head when viewed from the side. The mouth is thin and wedge-shaped. The chin is of medium size, with the tip of the chin forming a vertical line with the tip of the nose. The chin is neither set back nor excessively forward.

The body shape is similar to a Siamese cat, with muscular limbs, slender and tall but not emaciated. Oriental shorthair cats are medium-sized, with a body length of about 45.7 cm, male cats weighing 3.6-5.4 kg, and female cats weighing less than 3.6 kg. Oriental shorthair cats have slender and light bodies with well-developed muscles. The shoulders and hips are rounded, the hips are not wider than the shoulders, and the abdomen is tight. The legs are long and slender, with the hind legs longer than the front legs. The claws are delicate, small and oval-shaped. The tail is long, thin at the base and pointed at the end.

Oriental Shorthair:A Perfect Blend of Elegance and Playfulness插图2The coat of Oriental short-hair cats is short, shiny, close to the body, silky in texture, and has no undercoat. Oriental shorthair cats have a wide range of coat colors, and all colors are accepted, with more than 300 color and pattern combinations. Colors include brindle, smoke, tortoise, black, red, blue, silver tabby, etc. Oriental shorthair cats are also called “rainbow cats” because of their many colors. Dark brown coat with warm brown color is the most common. Black cats with glossy pure black are especially called “ebony” in the East. Silver-blue varieties are the most valuable.


Oriental shorthair cats have a lively, outgoing personality and like to socialize. They do not like to be alone for long periods of time. When left alone for more than a few hours, they will become withdrawn and depressed.

Oriental shorthair cats are loyal to their owners. It likes to rest on its owner’s lap, greet its owner at the door, and looks for items to bring to its owner. Sometimes they want to curl up and sleep next to their owners or other pets, and sometimes they want to sleep under the quilt with their owners. If they are ignored by their owners, they may lose their temper.

They like to get along with people, are energetic and curious, and are lively pets that need a lot of exercise and games. The bold Oriental shorthair kittens, like Siamese cats, like to act coquettishly and will act coquettishly in front of their owners to show their kindness and ask for snacks.

Oriental Shorthair:A Perfect Blend of Elegance and Playfulness插图3The Oriental Shorthair’s intelligence is unmatched by many other purebred cats. It will open drawers and look for toys. They are very smart, active and like to interact with people. They can imitate certain behaviors of humans. With their high IQs, they can of course learn some command actions in a short time. Their learning ability is no less than that of dogs.

Oriental shorthair cats have strong adaptability and can cope with unfamiliar environments calmly. They have strong muscles and dare to fight against other cats or dogs and defend their territory.

Oriental Shorthairs Care


Oriental shorthair cats are lively and active and like to play everywhere. Therefore, owners who raise them should provide them with enough space to run and play. You can place a cat climbing frame in your home to give them space for climbing exercises. For brave Oriental short-haired cats, cat owners can also take them out of the house for a walk.Oriental Shorthair:A Perfect Blend of Elegance and Playfulness插图4


Like most cats, their intestines and stomachs are relatively weak. It is best to give them a fixed brand of cat food when feeding. If you need to change other brands of cat food for them, you must do it slowly. During the process of changing the food, you must also Pay special attention to their poop, otherwise it can easily lead to diarrhea in cats. In addition, Oriental shorthair cats are thin cats. Owners should pay special attention to the amount of food they prepare every day to keep their cats in good shape.


For Oriental short-hair cats, its care is very simple. As long as you set aside some time every day, hold it in your arms and stroke it gently with warm hands, this is the best care for it. Because this can help it transfer the oil needed by its coat, making its coat shinier.


Compared with other cats, Oriental shorthair kittens have higher environmental requirements, so they need to keep their homes clean, hygienic and safe. In addition, they have relatively high requirements for temperature and humidity, and the indoor temperature and humidity should be kept appropriate.

Oriental shorthair cats are very graceful and elegant cats. They are slender, agile, very intelligent and flexible. This cat comes from Asia and is a popular household pet. They are outgoing, lively, love to interact and play, and need enough exercise and toys to keep them healthy and active. Keepers need to pay attention to their diet, environment and hygiene to ensure their health and happiness.

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