Hairless cat breeds, also known as naked breeds, are feline breeds that have little to no fur on their bodies. These breeds have become popular among cat enthusiasts for their unique appearance and often affectionate personalities. Here are 6 hairless cat breeds. Let’s have a look.


The Sphynx cat is one of the most famous and popular hairless cat breeds. Sphynx cat is also known as Canadian hairless cat. This cat is a peculiar breed of hairless cat, somewhat resembling the famous monster “Sphinx” in ancient Egyptian mythology. So people named it “Sphynx Cat”. Sphynx cats have wrinkled and elastic skin, and they sweat more than other cats. The head is wedge-shaped, with large ears and large round eyes, slightly tilted, mostly blue and golden. The tail is long and thin. The muscles are well developed and the touch body temperature is higher than other cats.

6 Hairless Cat Breeds: Cats Without Fur插图Sphynx cats usually live to be 9-15 years old. Its hairless phenomenon is caused by a specific recessive gene, which means that both parents of a hairless cat must carry a gene related to hairlessness. Unless cats are inbred or both cats carry the related gene, hairlessness is actually a rare phenomenon.

While Sphynx cats do not require traditional grooming to maintain their coats, they do have specific grooming needs. Due to their lack of fur, their skin can become oily and collect dirt, so regular bathing is necessary to keep their skin clean and healthy. Additionally, their ears, eyes, and nails should be cleaned and trimmed regularly.

Sphynx cats are more sensitive to temperature changes due to their lack of fur. They catch cold easily and may need extra warmth during colder seasons. It is crucial to provide them with a warm environment, comfortable bedding, and (if needed) clothing that helps regulate their body temperature.


The Babino cat, also known as the short-legged hairless cat, is a cross between a Sphynx cat and a Munchkin cat.

6 Hairless Cat Breeds: Cats Without Fur插图1Sphynx cats are known for their lack of fur, although their bodies may be covered with a layer of very fine down-like hair. Their skin feels soft and warm to the touch, often described as feeling like suede. Sphynx cats have muscular bodies, large ears, and noticeably wrinkled skin, especially around the head and neck.

Although this kind of cat is cute, the problem of genetic defects in cats has also been amplified due to crossbreeding. Therefore, FlFe and CFA do not recognize this cat breed. Perhaps from a breeding perspective, this is indeed not a particularly good trend. But now that it has appeared, I hope that every parent who is choosing a short cattery can choose a high-quality cattery. This makes the breed less likely to have genetic problems. And take good care of your baby.


The Peterbald cat is native to Russia. The Peterbald cat is not completely hairless. Its hair is very fine and close to the skin. And the skin is wrinkled, especially on the head. The body shape is semi-short and short-legged. The eyes are large, round, slightly slanted, and mostly golden in color. The head is wedge-shaped, with large ears and arc-shaped tips. Peterbald cats are graceful cats of the hairless Oriental type, although they are not hairless.

6 Hairless Cat Breeds: Cats Without Fur插图2Depending on the changes in their coat, a Peterbald cat’s grooming needs will vary. They may require regular bathing to keep their skin clean and healthy. Cats with flocked or velvet fur may need occasional grooming to remove loose hair and prevent tangles. Brushed Peterbald cats may require more traditional grooming, such as brushing, to maintain their coat.

They are generally healthy, but they may be prone to certain health problems. These may include dental problems, skin sensitivity and genetic disorders. Regular veterinary checkups, proper dental care, and a balanced diet are important for their overall health.


The Donskoy cat is native to Russia. Their hair is very fine and close to the skin, feeling like a warm peach. This cat is hairless except for some thin and soft lanugo hair on its ears, mouth, nose, tail fore, feet and other parts. The skin is like a suede hot water bottle, a horse’s muscles or a hot antelope skin.

6 Hairless Cat Breeds: Cats Without Fur插图3One of the best things about Donskoy is that it blurs the traditional lines between cats and dogs. Dog lovers will love this cat! Donskoy combines the best qualities of dogs and cats into one! They are trainable and love to follow you, sit on you, and cuddle with you in bed. Very intelligent, friendly, curious, loving and loyal to their owners. If you work outside all day, it is recommended to keep two to keep each other company. Donskoy love to be pampered and they love to be snuggled.

This is only suitable for people who are allergic to cat hair. Brush coats (a skin coat with matted hair), although rare, are ideal for children who suffer from cat hair allergies but still prefer a fluffy-coated kitten. The gene that causes allergic reactions appears to be missing in Don Sphynx’s genetic makeup.

Note: The Donskoy hairless cat is completely different from the Canadian Sphynx hairless cat. There is no connection between these two types of hairless cats. In fact, they are genetically different and cannot reproduce between the two. Sphynx carries a recessive gene, while Donskoy carries a dominant gene.


6 Hairless Cat Breeds: Cats Without Fur插图4The Levkoy cat is a Ukrainian breed of cat, which is obtained from the cross between the Donskoy cat and the Scottish Fold cat, so the ears are turned forward. This makes them look unique and cute. Their skin is smooth and their eyes are large but relatively narrow. Cats’ faces are so angular that they are called “dog faces.” The Ukrainian Levkoy cat is a medium-sized cat with a hairless or partially hairless coat. They are slender, with long legs and muscular builds. The skin of Ukrainian Levkoy cats can range from completely hairless to having a velvety texture.

Ukrainian Levkoy cats require little grooming due to their hairless or low-haired coat. However, it is crucial to bathe regularly to keep your skin clean and moisturized. Additionally, they may need their ears cleaned and their nails trimmed as part of their grooming routine.

While Ukrainian Levkoys may have a calm and gentle demeanor, they still require regular exercise and mental stimulation. They enjoy interactive games, educational toys, and climbing structures to keep their mind and body engaged.


Elf cats are a mixture of Sphynx cats and American curly cats. They have hairless bodies and naturally curved ears. They are a rare cat breed. These elf cats have sharp eyes and strong bodies. They are very sociable, smart and lively and like to jump around.

6 Hairless Cat Breeds: Cats Without Fur插图5Although elf cats do not require brushing, their hygiene requirements are higher than those of ordinary cats because the lack of hair requires special cleaning methods. Elf cats have been around for less than 20 years, so there’s still a lot to learn about them. But rest assured, they make excellent pets that provide a lifetime of companionship.

Elf cats have friendly and gentle personalities. It can adapt to most home environments and household structures and usually gets along well with other pets in the home. They are smart and lively and love attention. If you want to be the owner of an elf cat, it’s best to spend enough time with them. Because Elf cats love to climb to high places, providing them with a stimulating play environment and elevated resting areas is necessary. Elf cats usually stop growing after one year of age.

For Elf cat owners, proper care is very important. Although they do not have a thick coat, their bodies need to be wiped and their ears and teeth cleaned every day to keep them hygienic and healthy. In terms of entertainment, prepare some interesting toys for them and create a rich game environment to keep them motivated and energetic.

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