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American wirehair cats are docile, intelligent, and loyal to their owners, and are loved by many people. If you are planning to get an American wirehair cat but don’t know much about it, please read on. I will introduce you to diet, cleaning, breeding, etc. to help you choose a healthy and lovely American wirehair cat.

Diet knowledge

Some American wirehaired cats are greedy. They will eat whatever people eat, and they will eat it if you feed them. But if you do this for a long time, it will gradually damage your cat’s health. So we need to make an analysis among the things that people can eat. Pay attention to what cannot be given to cats, what cannot be given to cats at will, and what cannot be given to cats in large quantities. This is common sense that cat owners must master.Tips for Raising American Wirehair插图

  • The bones of small birds and other poultry or fish are relatively hard. When an American Wirehaired cat bites them, some sharp fragments will be produced. These fragments can sometimes puncture its mouth or internal organs. Therefore, cats should avoid eating these bones unless they are cooked in a pressure cooker. The bones are softened or crushed and added to the feed.
  • Sun-dried fish contains a relatively large amount of magnesium, which can easily induce and cause urethral stones or urinary system diseases in American wirehaired cats, so try to let cats eat less. An adult cat needs about 0.3 to 0.5 grams of salt a day. Be careful not to eat too much salt in the cat’s feed. Spicy meats can dull a cat’s sense of smell and are not suitable for cats to eat. For example, the most common KFC chicken is something that cats are willing to eat, but don’t give it to them.
  • The meat of squid, squid and some shellfish contains some ingredients that are not suitable for American wire-haired cats. Eating too much can cause indigestion and gastrointestinal disorders in cats. Dried squid will absorb water and expand after entering the cat’s stomach, so cats should not eat too much.
  • Some seafood can also cause skin inflammation in cats. Let the cat eat a small amount before feeding, and only give an appropriate amount if there is no reaction. There are also controversial foods such as milk. Some cats show no discomfort after eating them, but some cats will have adverse reactions such as vomiting. It is best not to give them to cats.

Grooming knowledge

It seems that shaving American wirehaired cats is no longer uncommon in the summer. After all, it can be very hot in such a season when they are covered in real fur. Shaving is a good way to cool down the cat.Tips for Raising American Wirehair插图1

Tools needed for grooming American Wirehair cats:

   · Special shaving clippers for pets
   · Straight comb for cats (note: it must be straight)
   · Nail clippers
   · Bath liquid
   · Towel
   · Disposable mask (prepared for myself. When shaving, cat hair will inevitably fly everywhere. If you don’t want to inhale too much, wearing this is still very effective)

The personality of American wirehaired cats is not like that of dogs, who can honestly let you tinker with them. So before you prepare to shave them, be sure to trim their nails first. This is all for everyone’s safety. If by any chance they fail to catch them, their gleaming claws will be merciless when they fly away. After pushing them, there will inevitably be some floating hair, so they must be washed and fragrant. This requires using bath soap and towels. Taking them all at once saves you from being in a hurry.

Breeding knowledge

Tips for Raising American Wirehair插图2If you want to breed American wirehaired cats, you must first find a good mating formula. First go to a cat club or pet store to consult and tell them your ideas. Experienced experts will help you with the breeding procedures. When a female cat mates for the first time, she should choose an experienced male cat. In addition, the following conditions must be met:

1. Whether the child is over 2 years old, healthy and capable of childbearing.

2. Whether it is authentic and purebred.

3. Whether the owner also has many other cats and whether he has an elegant mating environment.

4. Whether the marriage is between close relatives. After deciding on a mating partner, negotiate the mating conditions. The amount of the mating fee, whether to “return the kitten”, that is, give a kitten to the other party after birth, etc., must be negotiated in detail to avoid disputes. Female cats that go to other people’s homes for mating are very tired both physically and mentally. Before mating, they need to undergo a health check to see if they have been vaccinated, whether they have skin diseases, fleas, and ear ticks. A fecal examination is required to see if there are parasites.

5. Don’t miss the opportunity to conceive. After the American Wirehaired cat reaches the estrus period, the female cat owner should get in touch with the male cat owner immediately. It takes a night for a young cat to get to know each other, and it takes 2 to 3 days for a female cat to get to know each other’s family, so she should be taken to her husband’s house early. The third and fourth days of estrus are the easiest to get pregnant.Tips for Raising American Wirehair插图3

In addition, inform your husband’s family in detail about food, types of sand used in toilets, etc. Before mating, you should meet in advance to see if you are compatible. After mating, take the American wirehair cat home and give it something it likes to eat. When you get home, ask the female cat owner for a mating certificate. Because it may mate with other male cats, it is best not to take it out casually.

Tips for Choosing Ideal Kttens

1. Look at the price

At present, the price of wire-haired cats in the United States fluctuates greatly, which is affected by factors such as their size, age, gender, bloodline, and region. Generally, the price of American wirehair kittens is between 500 and 800 yuan, and the price of American wirehair cats aged 1 to 2 years is between 2,500 and 4,000 yuan. If it is a pure-blooded American wirehair cat, its price is often more than 4,000 yuan. If you find that the price is very low, it is not recommended to buy to prevent you from buying American wire-haired cats with diseases.

2. Look at the head features

The head of the American wirehair cat is medium in size, relatively broad, round, and oval in shape. The ears are medium in size, widely spaced between the ears, and rounded at the tips. The eyes are big, round, and bright. The nose is short and has a gentle concave curve. The chin is protruding, and adult male American wirehair cats will have a double chin. You need to carefully check the head characteristics of American wire-haired cats. If it is very different from the standard, it is not recommended for you to buyTips for Raising American Wirehair插图4

3. Look at the coat characteristics

The coat of American wirehair cats is short, tight, and even. It feels very hard and rough when touched by hand. The coat is slightly curly and has a hook shape at the end. There are many colors of coat, such as black, white, stripes, etc., but chocolate, lavender and point colors will not appear. You can refer to the above coat characteristics. If the coat appears chocolate, lavender and key colors, it is a cat with impure blood, and it is not recommended for you to buy.

4. Look at the pedigree certificate

If you want to buy a pure-blooded American wirehair cat, it is a good way to ask the merchant to see the cat’s pedigree certificate. Under normal circumstances, if the merchant says that he is raising pure-blooded American wirehair cats, then the merchant should have a pedigree certificate.

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