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The Persian cat is the most famous breed in the world. It has elegant manners and charming appearance. It has been popular since the Victorian era. After breeding and cultivation, there are more and more color varieties. Persian cats have a lovely face, long and gorgeous back hair, and elegant manners. Therefore, they are known as the “Prince of Cats” and “Princess”.
Why are Persian cats so cute?And why they are the most favorite purebred cats among cat lovers in the world? Let’s explore these questions in terms of appearance, personality and origin,etc.

Appearance Of Persian Cats

As a member of the flat-faced cat family, Persian cats have flat faces. The eyes are large and round, with bright color and wide distance between them. The large, round eyes and flat nose make the Persian cat’s facial expression rich and cute, giving people a graceful and luxurious feeling.

Why are Persian cats so cute?插图The color of Persian cat eyes depends on the coat color. It is generally believed that the colors of Persian cat eyes include blue, green, copper, gold, amber, strange color and two eyes with different colors (i.e. mandarin duck eyes). The coat colors of Persian cats are roughly divided into five major color systems, with nearly 88 kinds of coat colors. Single colors include white, black, blue, gray, cream, etc. Among them, white Persian cats are more common, while black Persian cats are relatively rare and are rare breeds.

The round body looks a little fat, but in fact the muscles are very strong and the tail is short. Persian cats have always given people a noble and arrogant temperament. Cute faces and expressions, and puffy tails are features that have been popular since ancient times.

Are Persian cats friendly?

Persian cats are docile, quiet cats who like a peaceful environment and people who treat them well. Unlike more athletic cats, they prefer lounging on the couch rather than climbing to the height of a bookcase or mantelpiece. A Persian cat may greet you with a quiet meow, but in most cases, it lets its eyes do the talking for it. He doesn’t mind spending time alone, but your presence always makes him happy.

Persian cats are intelligent, gentle, responsive, considerate, less active and quieter, giving people a gorgeous and noble feeling. It has a high-pitched and beautiful cry and can easily adapt to new environments. Most Persian cats have sweet, cute and gentle personalities. They are known as the aristocrats of cats with their elegant manners and noble temperament.

Why are Persian cats so cute?插图1Most Persian cats have sweet and polite temperaments, and they will not easily make a fuss in family life, nor will they lose their temper for no reason. Their calls are beautiful, and their talking eyes seem to be able to read all your thoughts. Because Persian cats also have aristocratic independence in their character, they need a certain amount of time to be alone, know how to listen, and are willing to share everything with you. Without the company of their owners, Persian cats will find things to entertain themselves without causing damage everywhere. Some Persian cats that like peace can even sit there quietly for a long time, motionless. Generally speaking, Persian cats have relatively affectionate personalities. Except for the hot summer season, some cats will even push you away when you hug them.

The origin of the Persian cat

In the mid-19th century, with the gradual development of the ancient Silk Road between Asia and Europe, Asia not only brought back spices from the Middle East, but also brought back some novel long-haired cats, which are native to the Iranian plateau. It was in the area of the ancient Persian Empire that it was named Persian cat. This is only the origin of modern Persian cat.

Why are Persian cats so cute?插图2As global trade continued to develop, Persian cats gradually spread from the Asian continent to the American continent. Around 1875, they arrived in today’s United States. Lockehaven Cattery focused on the selection and breeding of Persian cats. From then on, the Persian cat breed Ushering in a turning point of fate, these long-haired cats that have amazed Americans for many years soon became fascinated by them, and then spread throughout the world.

Grooming tips for cute Persian cats

Why are Persian cats so cute?插图3Persian cats are high maintenance. The coat must be combed daily with a stainless steel comb to remove mats, tangles and loose hair. Mats and tangles can be painful for cats, and loose hair can stain your clothes and furniture, so you can see the benefits of taking the time to take care of your coat. Depending on the color, Persian cats can have silky, shiny coat or soft, cottony coat. The disadvantage of soft hair is that it tangles more easily and requires extra grooming time.

In addition to daily grooming, Persian cats should be bathed weekly. Start this exercise as soon as you get your kitten, so hopefully she will look forward to it as a special part of spending time with you. Blow dry the coat (use the lowest heat setting to avoid burning the cat), combing as you go. The Persian cat’s eyes may become watery as its face is pushed in. To prevent unsightly stains, wash or wipe your face daily, especially under your eyes. Trim nails as needed, and don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly with veterinarian-approved pet toothpaste.

How long do Persian cats live?

Generally, the lifespan of Persian cats is about 12-15 years. Domestic Persian cats live longer. Feral cats living outdoors have a shorter lifespan on average than cats kept at home. Wild cats do not have a comfortable and clean the living environment, and their healthy diet cannot be guaranteed. A dirty and messy environment makes it easier for wild cats to be infected with various bacterial viruses or infectious diseases that threaten their illness.

When the breeding conditions are good and the medical conditions are not bad, Persian cats can usually live to about 15 years old. Some neutered Persian cats have a longer life span. This may be related to the hormone secretion level in the body or to reproduction. Organ removal avoids some unnecessary diseases associated with it, but the details are unknown. Cats have entered old age at the age of 10. They need to pay attention to their health from about the age of 8. You can have a familiar doctor to take the cat to diagnosis and treatment at any time. After all, the physique of the elderly requires extra care.

Why are Persian cats so cute?插图4If you are thinking of getting a cat, then try getting a Persian cat. Before getting a Persian cat, it is important to go through their appearance, personality traits, and longevity. While owning a cat we need to pay more attention to the physical and mental health of the Persian cat. Not only to accompany them to play, but also to pay attention to their health and growth, spare time can also learn to understand the origin and development of the Persian cat. As a gentle temperament, lovely and beautiful cats, the Persian cat is still very popular today.

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