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Do you know Siberian cat? It is called as “gentle giant from Siberia in Russia”.Today, we will talk about this cute breed.Specifically, this article explores their distinct physique characteristics and characteristic behavior, depending on their body types.Let’s have a look.

Size of Siberian cat

From Mighty to Majestic: Unveiling the Enigmatic Size of Siberian Cat插图First of all, the size of Siberian cat tends to be larger than the average cat and is even considered a very big cat. The weight of a male is generally within the range of 12 to 20 pounds, although a few exceptions may exceed this. However, females are smaller and may weight up to fifteen or approximately eight pounds depending on their size.
Moreover, the size of Siberian cat is not only limited to their weight, but also their body length. Siberian cats have a long and significant body that lends them an imposing and powerful look. In terms of body, they have a lengthened stature size which enhances their dignified appearance.

Appearance of Siberian cat

Majestic Coats

The outer hair of a Siberian cat is water repellent, providing them with dryness during wet weather. The hair coat also consists of guard hairs that give the coat a little gloss. Extra insulation is added on the middle layer that also increases the coat’s volume. Lastly, the undercoat is thicker and denser, providing incredible warmth for the chilly winter periods. The Siberian is offered in many colour variations providing diversity among these cats. One of the popular fur coat patterns is the tabby with distinct marks such as stripes and swirls. The pattern has different colours such as brown, black, gray, silver or combinations of these as seen at Tabby Tiger Cat. A second variant for a coat noted in Siberian cat is the color – point pattern. The pattern here resembles Siamese cat with points in the ears, feet and tail than the body which is generally a lighter shade. These color points may be dark (seal point), blue, white or light colored (chocolate point).

Large and Power

From Mighty to Majestic: Unveiling the Enigmatic Size of Siberian Cat插图1The large buildup of the fur makes these cats one of the biggest cats in the world. They have three separate layers on their skin that consist of guard hairs, awn hairs, and a soft fluffy undercoat. The expensive fur may appear like the cat is bigger or volumetrically large. Thick coats are an indication of adaptation into the severe Siberian environmental conditions for warmth protection.

Moreover, these cats have long and strong bone structure. Mature male cats are normally about 9 to 11 inches high, which is much taller than other cat breeds. They are big bodied, tall and muscular which makes them dominate compared with other breeds.

The other trait that determines the large Siberian cat is its broad and sturdy chest. Their bodies are broad and deep because of their breadths and depth of their chests. Their chest muscles are among the strongest in any animal. So, they are really tough Siberian cats physically speaking.

Captivating Features

From Mighty to Majestic: Unveiling the Enigmatic Size of Siberian Cat插图2Of course, aside from their luxurious fur, the Siberian cat has other special traits. They are built stronger and better, thus looking fit as a fiddle. Its body has medium to large proportions and a wide chest as well as powerfully built legs. They have circular and furry paws that enable them to maneuver through the snow or harsh surfaces. Siberian cat has the amazing and has large round eyes which usually are green or golden. They feature a vigilant and inquisitive appearance that hints at their intelligence. There is a high broad forehead, and it is very wide. They’ve got medium sized, broad based ears having tufts of hair on them that add to the noble look.

Personality of Siberian cat

Agile and Elegant

One should note their proportions while watching a Siberian cat. It is because they have a well-balanced physique, complete with healthy amounts of muscle and bone. Their size does not appear exaggerated due to their genetic makeup or physique. However, despite the fact that Siberian cats are normally bigger than ordinary feline, this does not impede them in being agile and having classy appearance. With their large frames, they move elegantly in a flowing fashion and exhibit remarkable athleticism.

Affectionate and Calm

Siberian cats do not only have an attractive outlook and soft non-allergic hair, but also a cheerful temperament. Siberian cats are quite loving. Like any other pet, they depend on human contact as well as participate in everyday occurrences that involve their owner. The cats will mostly stay around the house and greet people by giving friendly head nudges or rubbing up against legs, indicating the affection they have towards individuals residing inside the home. They have a high need for touch and attention making them ideal companions for people and families. Another notable feature of the Siberian cat’s personality is calmness. Although they are big and strong, they look calm and gentle. This helps them cope with different environments whereby they live in apartments or large houses without any difficulty. Children also need extra attention and good treatment. That is why this breed is a perfect option for homes that have children living there.From Mighty to Majestic: Unveiling the Enigmatic Size of Siberian Cat插图3

Clever and Intelligent

They possess great sense of sight that makes them good learners. Playtime is no doubt exciting and stimulating as they love it whenever they have to play with puzzles or toys that interact. In addition, they are equally intelligent enough to grasp and act on the mood of the owner and may offer them solace when necessary.

Thus, the Siberian cat is a marvelous and mysterious specie. Their body structure is also quite appealing as they are usually big and have well-developed muscles. But at the same time, they move with such elegance which leaves them looking beautiful. The coarse and luscious fur not only serves as a shield and warmth, but also creates beautiful colorful patterns that enhance their beauty. Siberian cats are not only beautiful but also sweet and quiet, hence, they make perfect friends for families and people as well. However, what makes them more appealing is their intelligence in understanding and responding to owners’ need. The Siberian cats are charming regardless of whether it’s by virtue of its size, strength, grace, and lovable nature.

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