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Many scientific studies have shown that raising cats can help human health, such as lowering human blood pressure, helping people fall asleep, and being anti-allergic. Cat raising from an early age is better for the body. At the same time, many news reports have shown that cats can sense abnormal situations. Once a fire or gas leak is detected, the cat will immediately use special methods to inform its owner, thereby saving lives in time. Today, we bring you an introduction to the American Wirehaired Cat. We hope this article will be helpful to you.

About american wirehair

American wirehair cat (English name: American Wirehair, alias: wirehair cat) is an animal of the genus Felis and is native to the United States. In 1966, a black-and-white mutation appeared among kittens born at the Judeka Farm in New York State. Cat enthusiasts used this cat as a basis, carefully bred it, and added American shorthair cat blood. After more than 10 years of selective breeding, today’s American wirehair cats were developed. Like the American Shorthair, breeds have been bred in a variety of colors.American Wirehair Cats – A Unique and Charming Breed插图

Origin and History of the American Wirehair 

Historical Origin: In 1966, a black and white mutation appeared among the kittens born at the Judeka Farm in New York State, USA. Cat enthusiasts used this cat as a basis, carefully bred it, and added American shorthair cat blood. After more than 10 years of selective breeding, today’s American wirehair cats were developed.

Physical Characteristics

American wirehair cats have an oval head, medium-sized ears with arc-shaped tips; large, round eyes with slightly hanging corners; a medium-length nose; a square chin and mouth; medium-length limbs, large and round soles and claws; Medium length. Coat short, close and even. It feels rough to the touch. Slightly curly, terminal configuration, mustache and inner ear hair are also curly.American Wirehair Cats – A Unique and Charming Breed插图1

The coat color comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The most prominent feature is that it is similar to the bristles of a hound. The hair quality is strong and elastic. The hair is divided into two layers. The lower layer of hair is compressed one by one, and the front 1/3 of the hair is curled, just like permed hair; the same is true for the upper layer of protective hair, and the hair is very hard. Coat colors include black, white, stripes, etc. American wirehair cats range from medium to large, with a muscular body, slim and strong, and extremely muscular.

American Wirehair Personality

American wirehair cats are docile, lively, intelligent, very curious, bold, not afraid of strangers, and easy to get along with others. Intelligent, docile, and loyal to his master, he especially likes the gentle touch of his master and is extremely afraid of being indifferent.

Due to their strong self-esteem, their expressions look more serious than other cats. When other cats are around, they will show a dominant and competitive temperament, pretending to be majestic and arrogant. In fact, they have a docile personality, are easy to get close to, and are affectionate and gentle. It is a cat that loves to play and often acts coquettishly. It also likes to be held by people.American Wirehair Cats – A Unique and Charming Breed插图2

Other Cat Breed

Do you want to know more about cat breeds?Here are some for you:

Siberian Cat

With a rounded appearance and sweet demeanor, the Siberian was made for cuddles. Just make sure you make room on your lap for this big cat!American Wirehair Cats – A Unique and Charming Breed插图3

Average Weight: 8-26 pounds

Personality: Adaptable and agile, these intelligent cats make great family pets and have a playful, amiable personality.

Fun Fact: Thanks to oily guard hairs, these big pet cats have a coat that is water-resistant, and many Siberians have an affinity for water.


Known for big, expressive eyes, these large domestic cats have an almost teddy-bear look, along with a super fluffy coat that comes in a number of colors.

Average Weight: 8-20 pounds

Personality: Ragamuffins make great family pets, due to their calm, easygoing demeanor. They typically get along with other pets, and many can be taught to do tricks, play fetch or even walk on a leash.

Fun Fact: The Ragamuffin takes a little more time to mature and doesn’t reach full adulthood until around four years of age.


These big pet cats owe their name to a tendency to go limp in your arms when picked up, and an especially easygoing demeanor.

Average Weight: 8-20 pounds

Personality: Many Ragdolls love to be with their humans and exhibit a playful, people-oriented personality. They also get along well with kids and dogs, making them great family pets.

Fun Fact: The Ragdoll and the Ragamuffin share ancestors (and a lot of similarities) but are different cats. Ragdolls show less color variation and have eyes that are more oval in shape (and are often blue).American Wirehair Cats – A Unique and Charming Breed插图4

Turkish Van

Even among other large cat breeds, these felines stand out—due primarily to their distinctive white bodies with marked tails and ears. The color they do exhibit on the extremities can come in a number of varieties, from tabby to tortoiseshell.

Average Weight: 7-20 pounds

Personality: Curious, with powerful jumping abilities, these large domestic cats are athletic, intelligent and active. Many form strong bonds with their human owners, and they may get talkative when they want attention.

Fun Fact: Many Turkish Vans love water and have been dubbed “Swimming Cats” in their native Turkey.

After raising a cat, when you are sad, sad, or in a low mood, the cat will cling to you, listen to you, and help you get out of your bad mood.The American Wirehair cat’s docile personality and easy-to-get-together nature make it the perfect choice as a family companion.

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