Women’s shoe trends 2021

From the iconic waterproof platform heels to the sporty sandals, the catwalk was full of fresh ideas, with comfort still being the primary consideration for this season’s shoes. Take a look at women’s shoe trends for spring/summer 2021.

Waterproof platform super high heel

Start strength training your ankles now. Because the giant heels of the late 90s are back in fashion. Starting with Versace’s spring/summer runway show, the waterproof platform super high heel is making a big presence in this season’s trends. Wear these heels with bold mini dresses or printed mid-length dresses for a minimalist look. Pair them with a brightly coloured clutch bag and you’ve got the perfect look. For a more sophisticated look, pair these shoes with an oversized shirt, jeans and and edgy gold earrings. They’re easier to wear than thin heels thanks to the thick soles.

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Mary Jane shoes

Shoe trends come and go. But there are some shoe styles that have earned a permanent place in the shoe hall of fame, and the Mary Jane is one of them. This quaint and modest style has been around for over a century. Queen Elizabeth II, Naomi Campbell, Beyonce and other big names have all worn this style. Mary Janes are back in vogue in 2022, with Dior and Chanel both launching new styles of Mary Janes. Now with striking embellishments, a thicker sole, an extremely high heel and a range of fun colours and designs.

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Comfortable, thick-soled shoes with an athleisure twist

The athleisure trend is here to stay and this summer’s sporty sandals are set to be a big hit. Thick-soled trainers are our go-to for beach holidays. This trend was seen on the spring/summer runways of Hermes and Chloe. Sporty elements such as thick soles, Velcro straps, neoprene fabric and cut-out designs make this sandal a super cool one.

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Strap-on sandals

While strappy sandals will never go completely out of style, they haven’t always been a major trend. But now, the trend for these shoes has returned straight to the catwalk. We’ve seen various iterations of strappy sandals from several brands for Spring/Summer 2022.

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New and trendy shoes will make your image soar. Women’s shoe trends 2021, which pair of shoes are your favourites?