Why choose basketball shoes

A pair of professional basketball shoes is essential. The so-called professional sports shoes wear professional shoes, whether it is the appearance design or the use of technical materials, they are built according to the skills required by basketball sports, such as jumping, moving, emergency stop, etc. Good control during exercise. To sum up, basketball shoes will protect you and improve your competitive level in the following areas.

1. Protect the ankle

A pair of professional basketball shoes should firstly have the function of protecting the ankle in design. Both high-top basketball shoes and low-top basketball shoes will work on the ankle. The ankle protection of basketball shoes is actually protected from several technical aspects:

(1) Wrap the ankle to prevent ankle ligament strain.

(2) The anti-rollover system is to add a part of the protruding sole at the outer end of the sole of the basketball shoe to prevent the foot from turning laterally during direction change and emergency stop.

2. Anti-skid increases friction

Anti-slip function is one of the most basic protective functions of sports shoes. It is very important for the fierce competition and the pursuit of speed in basketball. At the same time, according to the different venues, the material of the non-slip sole of the sneakers will also be different.

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basketball shoes

3. Slightly increase the bouncing force and greatly increase the shock absorption effect

Jumping ability is one of the necessary and critical abilities on the basketball court. Before the NBA draft, a jumping ability test will be conducted, and this data will be written into the scouting report. In addition to its own talent and post-training to increase bouncing power, basketball shoes are also producing technology that assists in increasing bouncing power, using the same characteristics of the midsole and outsole materials of basketball shoes, such as the elasticity of EVA material. Basketball shoes can help increase the frequency of bouncing, increase the bouncing force to a small extent, and more importantly, increase the shock absorption effect after bouncing and land, reducing damage to the knee.

(1) Air cushion technology
(2) React material