What is PU leather?

Learn how it is produced and what PU leather is, which is actually just a synthetic fabric made from plastic.

PU is the acronym for polyurethane. It is a solid material, very flexible, resistant to oxidation and chemical additives, with a texture very similar to foam.

What is PU leather?images

In winter and upholstery products, PU is usually the laminated layer of fabric that, in appearance, is very similar to leather. It is also present in the manufacture of paints and other fibers.

Therefore, products made from “pu leather” are not composed of leather exactly. But of a synthetic material made from plastic (petroleum) and other substances, such as castor oil. Despite this, many people confuse synthetic fabric with leather.

The matter is so serious and important that in December 1965 the Leather Law was created (n° 4,888/65), which prohibits the sale or advertisement of products under the name of leather, but which are not obtained exclusively from animal skin. and makes this act a crime subject to punishment by the penal code.