Wedding shoes–shape the most beautiful moment(III)

Because of love, every prop on the wedding becomes agile life. In fact, a wedding is a collection and testimony of love.

For girls, there are many occasions that require serious dressing up. For example, going out with friends on a date, such as attending some parties, and also including your own birthday party. But it must be mentioned that it is definitely a wedding. If you really step into the marriage hall, I believe that every girl wants to leave the best memories on this day with the most beautiful side. In addition to preparing a gorgeous wedding dress, it is also necessary to have a pair of wedding shoes that lead the girls to move forward.


Wedding shoes–shape the most beautiful moment(III)images

Made of glittery fabric, this model is called “classic” for a reason: the slender shape and stiletto heel ensure discreet grace. At the wedding, it can highlight the temperament of the bride.

Sergio Rossi

Wedding shoes–shape the most beautiful moment(III)images1

This pair of shoes is mainly white in color, which can be matched with most white wedding dresses. In addition, the toe cap with a square mouth and open toe, as well as a slightly shorter square root, can relax the bride’s feet to the greatest extent. Small decorations on the shoes add vitality and sophistication to the overall design of the shoes. The whole pair of shoes balances beauty and comfort.

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