Walk a mile in my shoes– Christian louboutin

‘Walk a mile in my shoes’ was born from the friendship between Sabrina and Idris Elba and Christian Louboutin. The collection is an invitation to celebrate hope, empathy, and diversity and support education, the creative arts, and youth empowerment with 100% of the proceeds from the sales donated to six charities across the globe: Art Start, Immediate Theater, Casa 93, The Raining Season, AfriKids, Elman Peace. This is the second season that was a continuatin of the first successful season.

Maryam Sandal

Walk a mile in my shoes– Christian louboutinimages
Maryam sandal

This pair of shoes is one of the collection of “Walk a mile in my shoes”. This pair of shoes continues the consistent style of Christian louboutin, with a heel of 120mm. At the same time, the hand-woven straps can be wrapped around the calf to outline a beautiful line. The upper is craftede in multicolored Flower fabric, which can present a feeling of spring and summer.

Hot Chick

Walk a mile in my shoes– Christian louboutinimages1
Hot Chick

This pair of shoes also belong to the collection”Walk a mile in my shoes”. With a heel of 100mm and a delicate chased detailing is added at the ankle. This pair of shoes is made of calfskin, and the surface is covered with a colorful Celebration print. The eye-catching pattern was designed by Jean-Vincent Simonet and is inspired by the national flowers of Ghana, Sierra Leone and Somalia.

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