Many of you should know a lot about Versace and its fragrances. But little should be known about versace shoes. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing designs in Versace.


Gianni Versace launched a world-renowned legacy of Italian luxury when he founded his namesake line in 1978. Now, under the creative direction of his sister Donatella Versace, the line continues to advance a bold and polished aesthetic lavish with Mediterranean-informed patterns and colorful prints. Appearing everywhere from bathrobes to leather dog accessories to vases, the brand’s signature Medusa head logo evokes elegance and sophistication onto all that it graces. Meanwhile, baroque-printed cushions and soccer balls neatly capture the metropolitan flair of this legacy line. With fearless designs spanning decades, Versace curates an eminent vision of Italian luxury—both classic and contemporary.



The design of this boot is really the word bold. Note that I am not alone in making up the boldness here. Rather, Versace’s website describes these boots as bold. The waterproof platform is adorned with the iconic Greek back pattern, exuding confidence and attitude at an absolute height. The style has a high heel and is adorned with beautiful Medusa studs. The “Cleopatra” of boots.



This mid-heeled mule really has personality and can instantly elevate a look with style. Think of gold, the colour of aristocracy. But be it ancient China or medieval Europe, gold is always the colour of nobility, they symbolise elegance. A closer look at the shoes reveals that they are adorned with the Virtus collection’s signature shiny Barocco V hardware, which is quite recognisable.

BAROCCO High heels


These pointed toe patent leather heels are made from soft cow leather and decorated with the classic Barocco print. This shoe, on its own, is really nothing special when viewed from the front. The special feature is the back of the shoe, the sole. You can see a lot of the brand’s iconic motifs printed on the sole, giving it a vintage vibe. The design is very similar to the CL red sole shoe. But both have their own characteristics and are works of art.

Whenever Versace is mentioned, three words come to mind: art. Do you like versace shoes?