Types of oxfords

Types of oxfordsimages

Plain toe Oxfords

Probably the type of oxfords you have in mind. The plain toe oxfords are the most classical design. Nothing can go wrong with this model.

Wholecut Oxfords

The wholecut oxford shoes are considered the typical handcrafted bespoke shoes. All the external structure of the shoes made with a single piece. It requires expert artisans to create wholecut oxfords properly. One of the most elegant options when choosing men’s dress shoes.

Captoe Oxfords

Similar to the classical model, the plain toe oxford shoe, but in the captoe oxford shoes the vamp is separated into 2 pieces and the new one, the one over the toes, is called captoe piece. It is about likings. This separation also allows you having two tones on those two pieces making it a two tones oxford shoe.

Wingtip Oxfords

The wingtip shoes are the most stylish choice. Its vamp piece has the shape of 2 wings, and there comes the name from. It is usually associated with broguing, but it is not mandatory. You can see wingtip shoes without broguing.

Brogue Oxfords

Usually very related to the wingtip shape, the brogue oxfords are one of the most stylish choices. They are known by their typical perforations (broguing) and you might have full-brogue, semi-brogue and quarter-brogue options. They also use to include a medallion, which are extra perforations over the toe.

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