Tribute to Paul Walker, and his favorite Sk8-Hi

As an actor, Paul Walker impresses the audience with his superb acting skills; As a model, Paul’s natural beauty is impeccable; and as a racing fan, Paul loves the sport with his life, even if it eventually follows go. At the same time, as a Vans enthusiast, he let many people know about Vans.

Tribute to Paul Walker, and his favorite Sk8-Hiimages
Paul Walker

In 2001, Paul Walker, who loves racing cars, started his “The Fast and the Furious” journey for more than 10 years, playing the role of Brian O’Connor in the film.

Paul Walker’s favorite is the Sk8-Hi. In addition to daily wear, Paul also wore it on the set in the fifth to seventh films of “The Fast and the Furious”, and the simple shape of the Vans Sk8-Hi high-top became popular with the film.

Tribute to Paul Walker, and his favorite Sk8-Hiimages1

Maybe it’s the spirit that Paul Walker shows in the movies, such as parkour, escape, etc., which just shows the purpose of Vans, or it’s the love of racing, the love of life and the Vans “Off” that he showed in his life. The Wall” ethos.

Tribute to Paul Walker, and his favorite Sk8-Hiimages2

Sk8-Hi was born in 1978

At that time, there was no specific name for Vans’ shoes, they were all named after “Style + number number”, and Sk8-Hi was called Style #38

Tribute to Paul Walker, and his favorite Sk8-Hiimages3

The Sk8-Hi is evolved from the Old Skool high-top, bringing the concept of high-top to the public for the first time. The side of the shoe retains the classic iconic Sidestripe side stripes, and the high-top silhouette can also better protect the ankles of skaters.

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