The story of UGG®

They are comfortable, despite being weird. After all, it looks like a kind of high top slipper lined inside with sheep’s wool and sheepskin on the outside.

But they are cozy on the feet in cold climates. They are the boots of the UGG® brand, which has become one of the most desired in the world.

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The story of UGG®

To tell the story of UGG® it is first necessary to know the origin of these boots that made the brand famous.

The 1960s and 1970s were marked by the discovery of these spots by surfers who went to the places and stayed for weeks and, during their stay, looked for ways to keep their feet warm and dry. As Australia is abundant in sheepskin and sheep’s wool, surfers began to handcraft a kind of boot that would keep moisture away from their feet.

Another story has it that they were created by shearers to keep their toes from freezing in the sheds where they worked.

Leaving the dispute over the creation of the footwear aside, another controversy arises regarding the name: described as ugs, uggs or ughs (puns on the word “ugly”, or ugly) due to its not very pretty appearance.

According to many, the boots got their name in World War I, when Australian pilots wore “flying uggs,” or sheepskin boots that went well above the knee to keep their legs from freezing in the depressurized cockpits of planes at the time.

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