The history of Li-Ning

Li-Ning is the Chinese leader in sportswear and footwear, created by its founder, gymnast champion, Mr. Li-Ning 李宁 in 1990, with the simple aim of providing Chinese athletes with a national brand representing China on the Olympic Games world stage. That modest intention, nearly 30 years later, led to the growth of the company – a worldwide sports equipment industry.

Li-ning is constantly developing and researching the technologies of the future, to interact with human achievements in innovation, having unlimited potential for the excellence of its products.

The history of Li-Ningimages

The company’s founder, Mr. Li-Ning is an example of his own achievements in the sport, winning six of seven gold medals at the sixth gymnastics world championships in 1982, which earned him the nickname “Prince of Gymnastics”. In 1984, Li-Ning won three gold medals, two silver and one bronze, to become the most honored athlete at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

In 1999, the World Association of the Sports Community named him one of the most outstanding athletes in the world of the 20th century. Li-Ning lit a torch at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

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