The first basketball shoe with Zoom Turbo

The Nike Kyrie 5 is Kyrie Irving’s fifth signature shoe. In the design of this signature shoe by Kyrie Irving, it fully realizes the combination of Zoom Turbo technology with basketball shoe, meaning Nike basketball shoe technology has advanced to a higher level. Today, let’s see what renovation and development in this characteristic sneaker- Kyrie 5.

The first basketball shoe with Zoom Turboimages
Kyrie 5
  1. Nike Zoom Turbo
    Nike Air Zoom Turbo is a new basketball technology that provides ample cushioning in the forefoot. Tracks every multi-directional turn and delivers explosive energy return.

This technology guarantees the flexible and stable performance of defenders on the field and gives the KYRIE 5 unique characteristics, so that the air cushion adapts perfectly to the feet.

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Nike Zoom Turbo
  1. Firm and breathable support
    The technical mesh upper is breathable, flexible and supportive. A Venus flytrap-inspired overlay locks onto the midfoot when you tighten the laces, ensuring a locked-in feel. This technology allows the Nike Air Zoom Turbo series to keep your feet low to the ground and locked in, and expand your forefoot rebound. While pursuing the beauty of, it also improves comfort and experience.
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Kyrie 5
  1. Rounded traction
    The outsole is rounded and wraps around the sides of the upper, ensuring speed and providing exceptional traction with each basket and with each stride. The geometric pattern design can ensure the stability of the KYRIE 5 outsoles. The sole design is inspired by Owen’s left arm tattoo which symbolizes protection for him and keeps him away from bad luck.
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Kyrie 5

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