The 5 most popular boots in 2022

Boots have always been the necessary dress up shoes for girls in autumn and winter, especially those who like to collect boots. The shoe cabinet has long been filled with all kinds of women’s boots, such as Chelsea boots, Martin boots, Tassel boots, over the knee boots, etc. So what are the popular boots in 2022? Let us find ti!

The 5 most popular boots in 2022images
Women boots
  1. Chelsea boots
    Chelsea boots have low heels, round toe caps, no shoelaces, non high heels, high and ankle. They are frank and elegant, with a trace of sexuality, especially the ankle design, which can immediately reduce the swelling of the legs and make the legs look thin and long.
  2. Martin boots
    Martin boots are quite classic boots and occupy a place in the girls’ shoe cabinet. Generally, the styles of Martin boots are relatively neutral and handsome, and some also have personalized popular elements such as rivets and zippers. When matched, it not only modifies the leg shape, but also doubles the fashion index and cool index. Of course you can check the types of Martins in our website.
  3. Tassel boots
    Tassel boots, that is, boots with tassel design, give people a visual effect of moving and static when walking, and conquer the hearts of many women. No matter how long the boot is, how many layers are stacked, wide mouth and narrow mouth, it is enough to catch the eye with tassels.
  4. Over the knee boots
    It can not only make the knee effectively resist the cold wind, but also visually stretch the length of the lower leg, making people look particularly tall. If the legs are thick, it is recommended to choose stiff boots, which can better contain the leg lines.
  5. Ugly boots
    Although the style of snow boots is relatively simple and looks ordinary, it is very comfortable and warm with plush inside. It looks very good with jeans or skirt.

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