Brand introduction- Superga

Brand introduction- Supergaimages

Italy Superga tell you, sneaker can also be very “fashionable”.

Nowadays, sneaker has become a cultural trend. There are many loyal fans around the world who love and collect sneakers. And for the general public, it is almost a must-have item for the shoe closet. However, it is not difficult to find that the mainstream sneakers on the market nowadays are inevitably carrying the obvious label of “sports” and “street”, as if it is entirely a “hip culture”. It seems that it is completely a representative of “hip culture”. Is it true that all sneakers are like this?

Founded in Turin, Italy in 1911, SUPERAG has been a well-known footwear brand in Italy for 106 years. It is said that three out of every five Italians have worn SUPERGA, which proves its status in the hearts of Italians. Even the slogan of the brand shows its national recognition in Italy.

Brand introduction- Supergaimages1

Unlike many trendy street sneaker brands from the United States, the core concept of SUPERGA, which is born in Italy, the country of fashion, is “fashion”. This is mainly reflected in, first, its classic product 2750 series. Simple and stylish design, it can be perfectly matched with all kinds of fashionable clothes. Not only does it have the slightest sense of conflict, but it also shows classic fashion charm. On the other hand, more than 100 seasonal fashion items are launched every season to meet the ever-changing fashion trends.

For more than 100 years, SUPERGA has been loved by many consumers around the world. It including many celebrity fans, for its ultimate wearing experience and always trend-setting designs.

Today, Superga is present in more than 20 cities around the world and will continue to explore new markets in the future. It bringing a new sneaker wearing experience to all those who pursue fashionable quality.