Shoes types—Mary Jane shoes

Mary Jane shoes, is the American generic term for lace-up shoes. It is especially used to describe shoes with low heels, rounded faces, and ankle designs with buckle straps. We generally think of a strappy shoe with a buckle or button at the back of the shoe and a round and wide toe as a Mary Jane shoe.

Mary Jane shoes (especially their classic style) are often considered formal or semi-formal children’s shoes. It’s suitable for wearing in school, religious ceremonies, weddings, foreign visits and birthday parties and so on. At the same time, many schools require girls to use Mary Jane shoes with school uniforms. But with the development of fashion, Mary Jane shoes are more colorful and the fabric tends to be more patent leather type with a glossy texture. From flat soles, good “ballet sprites” to trim the perfect body wedge “weapons”, slightly padded oval last combined with delicate ankle strap design, let you instantly give off a sweet, light mature Sexy flavor. Mary Jane shoes are no longer limited to students.


Shoes types—Mary Jane shoesimages
Mary Jane shoes from MIUMIU
Shoes types—Mary Jane shoesimages1
Mary Jane shoes from MIUMIU


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Mary Jane shoes from Chanel

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