Shoes of Jacquemus

We have already introduced Jacquemus before. With its unique design, the products of this brand have caught the attention of many people when they first entered the market. The seemingly simple but unique design makes it impossible to ignore. Many of the brand’s collections interpret a simple yet unique aesthetic.

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Les mules Aqua

Mules are a convenient but stylish type of shoe. This shoe by Jacquemus has a leather surface. According to their brand description, Each leather is unique and has been carefully selected by their team. Its irregularities and color variations are natural. Then, the wider uppers add comfort again, even though they are fatter. As always, the brand has taken the special approach of embossing the logo on the insole to highlight the brand name. The higher heel also elongates the leg line to a certain extent. Therefore, this pair of shoes can be matched with skirts or pants or other types of clothes.

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Les mules aqua

Les sandales Nocio

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Les sandales Nocio

This pair stands out even more for a casual feel. Suede knotted thong sandals is more like a vacation and shopping experience. The high-heeled design and soft insole are paired with elegance and comfort.