Shoes best for commuting (IV)

In the list of commuter shoes, the existence of flat shoes cannot be ignored. Easy to put on and take off, it can meet our rush in the morning. And most of the flat shoes are designed with soft soles, which can reduce the burden on our feet to a certain extent and reduce our fatigue level on the way to work. Compared with high heels, it is also a kind of relaxation for the calf muscles.

Square Toe Leather Ballet Flats (cos)

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Square Toe Leather Ballet Flats

Contemporary footwear in minimalist style. Inspired by classic ballet shoes and crafted from fine sheepskin, it brings lightness and elegance to everyday wear. The neat lines are very personal and give people a sense of calm.

Ladies Horsebit Loafers (Gucci)

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Ladies Horsebit Loafers

Crafted in black leather, these Gucci loafers are finished with a subtle, interlocking Double G horsebit for a modern, retro look. The brand’s new collection pays homage to Gucci’s long-standing design roots with archival details and shapes. These shoes are relatively neutral leather shoes, and they will show a sense of stability when paired with trousers. The same loafer is most praised for its comfort.