Shoes best for commuting (III)

Choosing the right commuter shoes is an important part of our everyday outfits. The choice of shoes depends on the style and color of the clothes. Especially when we need to meet customers or attend important work occasions, we will pay more attention to this link. If the work does not require high dress code, we can choose shoes with more design sense. Let the monotonous work suit have some layers.

Iris from 73hours

Shoes best for commuting  (III)images
iris from 73 hours

These shoes are from 73 hours. Because each shoe goes through 103 processes and a full 73.3 hours of polishing before it is delivered to customers, it is named “High Heel 73 Hours”. This pair of shoes is nude pink, the design is relatively simple, and it also looks softer. The design of the bow at the back makes the whole pair of shoes more vivid, and the hollow design presents just the right degree of skin exposure, which is very beautiful.

Soft hint from 73 hours

Shoes best for commuting  (III)images1
Soft hint from 73 hours

It is also designed with an exposed heel, and these shoes will be more capable. The pointed design creates an elegant and capable feeling, while modifying the foot shape, it can also visually elongate the calf line. The shoes have decorative straps to avoid the trouble of heel drop.