Rick Owens

Rick Owens is the designer’s eponymous label. He was founded in 1994 in Los Angeles, USA. Since its rise in 2001, his creative and gothic designs have been a hit with major celebrities including Madonna. Minimalist use of colour and asymmetrical layering with a rock ‘n’ roll twist are Rick Owens’ signature designs.

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Basic introduction to the brand concept

Designer Rick Owens was born in Southern California, USA. A graduate of Parsons College in New York, he now lives and works in Paris. He has a love of old Hollywood films. He also started his eponymous label Rick Owens on Hollywood Boulevard in the early 90s when he left Parsons.

Since Vogue magazine sponsored RickOwens’ first show in New York in 2001, he won the CFDA Award for Best Newcomer in 2002. He moved to Paris in 2003 to become the artistic director of Revillon, the famous fur brand founded in 1723.

In July 2005, RickOwens launched his furniture collection, where raw laminates, resin, fibreglass, Casimir wool and bones are all creative elements. The collection is inspired by himself. The collection is inspired by Rick Owens’ favourite shapes, from EileenGrey to brancusiT to CaliforniaSkateParks.

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Main product lines of Rick Owens

Apparel, accessories, bags, shoes and boots.

Brand Philosophy

RickOwens has been described as a “Goethean minimalist”, designing sacred priestess garments. His pieces emphasise the architectural architecture of the jacket and the famous twill silhouette that wraps the figure in a discreet way. The message of sharpness is conveyed at the finished edges.

Perpetually dedicated to his aesthetic, avant-garde American designer Rick Owens is renowned for building on the blueprint of timeless and trending shoe silhouettes to suit the style of his edgy cult following; in other words, he takes new and established footwear classics and puts his own dark and experimental spin on them. There’s the DRKSHDW low-tops for fans of reliable lifestyle silhouettes, the Geobasket sneakers for collectors of high-top basketball silhouettes and the Beatle Bozer Tractor boots for those who love oversized leather stompers, and many more.