RENE CAOVILLA-Symbol of feminine glamour

A charming “snake”,winding up and elegantly surrounding the ankles, symbolizing the infinite extension of women’s sexy charm.

The beginning of the Rene Caovilla brand dates back to the beginning of the last century. It is famous for its exquisite craftmanship and is a family-style Italian enterprice. Rene Caovilla is good at using many extremely charming and feminine elements such as feathers, beads, hand-painted, etc. to decorate slender high-heeled sandals.

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The shoes designed by René Caovilla show excellent design and talent. Only excellent craftsmen can complete such a complex process–its shoes have no fixed pins, no rigid all-in-one structure. Only a slender beauty, which has become lingering on the hearts of girls all over the world. Jennifer Garner, Rihanna and Bella Hadid all have a special preference for René Caovilla.

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The Cleo series is the brand’s iconic shoe.Wrapping up the girls’ slender ankles not only shows the hopeless fascination with high heels, but also symbolizes the endless extension of women’s charm. The fine and shiny imitation crystal is covered with Cleo sandals, making you charming wherever you go.

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