Brand introduction: Pony

Brand introduction: Ponyimages

Bad boys love to wear canvas shoes.

Pony is a historical sneaker brand, originated in the United States, loved by NBA players and Hollywood superstars, versatile and practical, a must for the street. The shooter is his canvas shoes in the popular shoes, especially dark green, super beautiful! His family really strength grass, even if the shoe closet has the same model. But each color and then stock up on a pair of the kind.

The sides are made of cotton + synthetic leather, and the V pattern is simple and eye-catching. V is the abbreviation of English Victorys, which means victory. This brand was first made in the United States letter carrier’s special shoes, so the quality is very solid. In addition to solid color series, his family also has a lot of color pattern upper design, campus style and street fashion trend elements bold mix, very suitable for young people.

Brand introduction: Ponyimages1

Each pony canvas shoes have a “V” LOGO, is the abbreviation of the English Victory. From the past to the present, PONY has never stopped innovating. In addition to insisting on the new and changeable design of the pony canvas shoes. PONY also actively cooperates with the fashion trend industry to show the diversified creative spirit and continuous vitality of the PONY brand. Therefore, it becoming the leader of the trendy sports brand. The difference is that PONY has a history of more than 30 years, and was popular all over the world in the 70s and 80s.

Bad boys love to wear canvas shoes.The pony canvas shoe is a “symbol” that can be used throughout the past and present. It can even take people to the future.