Pointed-toe shoes– Stella Luna ( II )

Some people say that pointed high heels are their own enlightenment about beauty, more like Cinderella’s pair of crystal shoes.

No matter how the trend changes, high-heeled shoes with strong and delicate details will always occupy a special position. The pointed toe can visually elongante the leg line and aso help to creat a romantic and elegant feeling. These are also the reasons why the pointed-toe shoe has been a fashionable and glamorous undefeated item.

The shoe brand Stella Luna that always pursue the creation of graceful and exquisite shoe works, create the fashionable attitude of contemporary women, praise and inspire them to empower their true self and realize their own infinite possibilities, also constantly exert their own uniqueness on this shoe design.

velvet super high-heel point-toe shoes

Pointed-toe shoes– Stella Luna    ( II )images
velvet super high-heel point-toe shoes

The first feeling of these shoes is reminiscent of: the sound of heels hitting the floor came from the office corridor, and the employees were quiet, listening to the sound getting closer…. This scene is similar to the plot of The Devil Wears Prada that mentions the arrival of Amanda. The pointed-toe high heels have a kind of charm that makes people unable to ignore the sharp feeling. At the same time, it will also make people unconsciously refocus attention on the shoes and the owner.

The velvet material of this pair of shoes is full of romance. The super high heel and pointed toe design highlight the beauty of the instep. The bow decorated at the back of shoes eases the solemnity of the shoes, and there is a hint of lightness in the rigorous.

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