Pointed-toe shoes– Stella Luna ( I )

If high heels are a beautiful torture tool for women, then pointed high heels must be the highest level.

Pointed-toe shoes, as the name suggests, are shoes with a pointed and  thin toe. This shoe type originated in France. Pointed-toe shoes are now a popular choice for many occasions, including dates, parties, and work. Pointed toe shoes have the characteristics of fashion and avant-garde and strong personality. The pointed toe points straight forward, giving people a sharp and firm feeling. Moreover, pointed shoes can make the wearer’s instep naturally and beautifully arched, and the legs become slender. This will greatly improve the temperament.

The shoe brand Stella Luna, which strives for style and versatility, also has pointed shoes as one of their main collections. They understand the needs of the modern woman and uphold true craftsmanship, ensuring the comfort of all shoes while providing the modern woman with the essentials.

Leather pointed toe low-heeled high heels

Pointed-toe shoes– Stella Luna  ( I )images
Leather pointed toe low-heeled high heels

This pair of shoes is made of Italian top-quality leather. The leather is also very soft, which can reduce the extrusion of the pointed design on the feet to a certain extent and maximize comfort. Going back to the design itself, the surface is decorated with irregular bows to keep the shoes from being too formal. The pink color can also become a bright spot to light up the outfit. The sharp pointed toe and soft bow are matched with each other. Coupled with the low heel design, they can be matched with any outfit and most occasions.

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