Pīferi— creativity and environmental protection

Maybe you have heard of the brand Pīferi? They create luxurious, beautiful heels while sticking to animal-free designs. Here’s how they describe it: Our 100% vegan pumps, boots, sandals, cutaway mules and elegant flats put exceptional craftsmanship and sculptural rigour on par with a dedicated responsibility to sustaining our planet’s resources and all of its living beings.


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The hero sandal style, which features a unique curved 100-milimeter heel that resembles the stem of a flower, is called “Fantasia,” inspired by the Disney film of the same name. The design of this pair of shoes is the first thing that catches the eye. The first thing that catches the eye is the detachable ruffled socquette, or it is very similar to a tube top skirt. The combination of high heels and a “strap top skirt” highlights the characteristics of this collection: feminine, sexy and fun . This is a very unique design. Back to shoe material, removable ruffled socquette made from recycled polyester and recycled lurex. And the sandals are made in Italy from black vegan Nappa. All of these also echoe their brand philosophy again.

Pīferi— creativity and environmental protectionimages1