Parent-child shoes, shorten the distance with children

In childhood, almost every child will secretly wear their wear their parents’ shoes when they are not at home. Girls will be curious about her mother’s high heels, boys will be curious about father’s shiny shoes. Maybe they feel like adults when put on those shoes.

Actually, kids do it for reasons. First of all, children are always curious about those unknowns. At the same time, their observation ability is also very strong, and certainly parents can give children a sense of security, so they always express their love through imitation . But the baby’s immunity is not strong enough, it may be infected with the bacteria carried by adult shoes. But it seems to be more difficult to refuse children’s behavior. Then parent-child shoes are a good choice.

Parent-child shoes and clothing are conducive to the communication between parents and children. For children, when they see their parents wearing the same suits and shoes, he perceived his mom and dad more friendly close relationship. So virtually can increase the child to a parent’s sense of identity and belonging. Conversely, standing in parents’ point of view, the children put on the same or similar parent-child shoes clothes, that also can have happiness.

Moreover, the material of this style can be adjusted according to the gap between children and parents, and the sense of violation can be avoided. Gradually, parent-child shoes have become a fashion staple for small families.

Parent-child shoes, shorten the distance with childrenimages
For kids
Parent-child shoes, shorten the distance with childrenimages1
For adults

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