Brand introduction- Palladium

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The tough tide brand Palladium canvas shoes, which can often be seen when watching American dramas!

PALLADIUM was founded in 1920 in Lyon, France, which means “patron saint” in French. And it started as a manufacturer of aircraft tires, in 1947 to create the brand’s first shoe PAMPAHI ORIGINAL (PALLABROUSSE). In the next 70 years PALLADIUM as the basis for continuous output of new products, basically are the style of the work style. The quality of the products was also very good, and palladium shoes were very popular all over the world.

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With the birth of PAMPA boots, which were developed to equip the French Imperial Army. Palladium opened the door to fashionable military boots. Using the military’s appearance and attire as a reference and adding some popular novel elements, the brand slowly developed into the fashion brand it is today.

Beckham is also a big fan of Palladium. This Palladium pampa sport cuff, compared to the kicky big yellow boots, it is more slim and long. There is also the “old gangster” Pitt wearing the gray Palladium military boots, is also manly. In addition to celebrity hipsters, Palladium has also made many appearances in hardcore movies, including the familiar “The Expendables 3”, where the entire crew wore Palladium’s Tactica black tactical boots. Will Smith wore Palladium in the classic zombie movie “I Am Legend”.

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