UA in 2022 NBA Warriors Championship parade

Looking at the Anatomix Spawn worn by Curry’s earliest endorsement, it seems that he has returned to the year when his dream with UA began.

UA in 2022 NBA Warriors Championship paradeimages
UA in 2022 NBA Warriors Championship paradeimages1

Anatomix Spawn is undoubtedly the most representative work in the early days after UA announced its entry into the basketball market.

The hot-melt armor design with full muscle feeling and the system function of layered locking provide players with all-round coordinated movement of the muscles, tendons and bones of the feet.

The high-top design does not lose flexibility, and even has a lightweight gene.

UA in 2022 NBA Warriors Championship paradeimages2


Putting on the Micro G Atomix Spawn feels like putting on a ski boot. It isn’t easy, but when on it molds to you. Once you get these sneakers on you honestly don’t feel them. They give your feet a bear hug that doesn’t stop, yet doesn’t hurt or annoy. The tightness of the fit gives you exponential responsiveness on the court. The soles are equally exceptional. The combination of the sole’s grip plus the tight fit turns the shoe into a performance enhancer on the court.


The high-top version give solid ankle support thanks to more than adequate height on the upper of the shoes. However, if you are looking for cushioning, these sneakers probably aren’t for you. The Under Armor Micro G Atomix Spawn is made for performance, not for style.


The elastic that helped to secure the tongue in place. There is elastic running from the arch to the tongue, and from the tongue to the outside of the sole.


The subdued options that Under Armor offers. If your all about swag, there are plenty of options (including an orange/camo blend). The “flexgear” portions of the shoe are a bit rigid, but once you have the shoe on, you don’t notice it in the slightest

Viv’Choc–Roger Vivier

Summer is passionate, and at the same time summer is colorful. Summer is suitable for many bright colors, and girls will also like to dress themselves up with beautiful colors. In keeping with their usual characteristics of being innovative, avant-garde, and modern, Roger vivir presents this season’s new Viv’ Choc.


Viv’Choc–Roger Vivierimages

This pair of shoes continues the brand’s usual characteristics, made in Italy. The satin upper makes the whole pair of shoes very textured. Combining sophistication and elegance, Viv’ Choc embodies the house’s signature buckle with its rounded lines. Understated glamour, these pumps are crafted from silk satin with a diamond-studded buckle, lacquered heel and heart inset on the leather insole. The mid-high heel design is also very friendly for everyday wear.

Viv’Choc–Roger Vivierimages1
Viv’Choc–Roger Vivierimages2
Viv’Choc–Light blue
Viv’Choc–Roger Vivierimages3


In the hot summer, the beach has become a holy place for people to escape the heat. The cold sea water and the warm sea breeze make people yearn for it. If you go to the beach, the right summer beach outfit is essential. Inspired by the casual glamour of the summer beach, the 2022 Beach Collection is launched by Jimmy choo, the charismatic and confident fashion brand. The collection is made up of three main shades of yellow, white and Malibu blue, creating a bright summer picture.

Diamond Flip Flop

Diamond Flip Flop

Crafted from soft yellow rubber, the style reinterprets the silhouette of our retro-inspired DIAMOND trainers and they are decorated with the signature gold-tone JC emblem. A summer wardrobe foundation.



FITZ slides are a summer getaway must-have. they are crafted in Malibu leather and have adjustable clear plexi and leather straps that feature the JC monogram in a repeat print.These sandals feature a contrasting rubber sole with adjustable arch straps to fit your foot, and a shock-absorbing foam insole for extra comfort.

Foot Locker: The Great American Shoe Store

Foot Locker Retail, Inc. is an American sportswear and footwear retailer, with its headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, and operating in 28 countries.

Foot Locker: The Great American Shoe Storeimages

The history

Foot Locker is an American multinational dedicated to footwear and sportswear. Its headquarters are in New York and it operates in more than 20 countries with around 3,900 franchises. As the main identity code, its logo and employees wear a uniform similar to that of referees in American sports leagues.

In 1963, the Woolworth Group acquired a company dedicated to footwear, Kinney Shoe Corporation, which became a subsidiary. Specialized shoe stores emerged from this company, among which was the one dedicated to footwear and sportswear, Foot Locker, in 1974. This same year opens its first store in California.

The brand was ready to expand throughout the United States and even started operations in Europe in the 1980s. This was impacted by the slope of its owner Woolworth, which started to close several of its stores throughout the country. The Foot Locker operations were controlled by an entity called the Woolworth Company, which in 1997 became the Venator Group, and Foot Locker became the main footwear company of the Kinney Group. In 1998, Venator announced the opening of all the old Kinney stores, which made Foot Locker the main company of the group, and in 2001 the group changed its name to Foot Locker Inc.

The visual evolution

Foot Locker: The Great American Shoe Storeimages1
Foot locker Logos

The original visual identity of the brand was used until 1988. It was in this year that the traditional logo of the brand, which has an American football referee as its symbol, was adopted and became extremely popular among consumers. In the following years, the logo only underwent updates.

Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venom

Those who have seen Venom must have the impression that Tom Hardy wear Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venom. Let us learn about this pair of shoes today.

Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venomimages
Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venomimages1
Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venomimages2
Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venomimages3

Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots

Step into the ring with these Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots, Buck in Ash Grey / Skull Grey, breathe, and remember your training. Reebok designed these combat-ready boots to support you during the fight with an ankle strap and a synthetic overlay upper to add durability. Mesh fabric breathes as you move, keeping your feet dry so all your focus goes into the fight.

Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venomimages4

Breathable upper for 10-round comfort. Ankle strap keeps you feeling locked in and secure. Cushioning keeps you light on your feet. Full rubber outsole for ultimate grip, so you don’t have to pull any punches.