The birth of the converse all star

In 1908, Marchis. Marquise Mill Converse founded Converse in Massachusetts, USA.

Converse was founded in Massachusetts in 1908. The founder Marquise Mill Converse was named after his surname Converse. After operating in the rubber shoe factory for 9 years, it officially introduced the world’s first basketball shoe All Star with a canvas upper and a rubber midsole. At that time, such shoes made it easier for players to get close to the ground, and also opened the Converse. Brilliant history in basketball.

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Converse All Star logo

In 1921, Chuck Taylor joined the Converse team. He was a professional basketball player. Therefore, he proposed to change the sole to improve the grip and increase the protection of the ankle part in the All Star design. In recognition of his contribution to Converse, Chuck Taylor All Star canvas shoes were born since 1923, the side logo of each pair of All Star was added with Chuck Taylor’s signature.

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Until the 50s and 60s, almost all NBA players, high school/college athletes wore Chuck Taylor All Stars, and the Converse became a must-have shoe at the time.

Crocs:Ugly is beautiful

Crocs:Ugly is beautifulimages

Crocs shoes were originally intended for boating only, and because of their excellent anti-slip performance and comfort, and rich colors, they soon came to the attention of general users.

However, those who opposed it thought that such shoes full of holes were strangely ugly, and the company side took the opportunity to use “ugly is beautiful ” as its own slogan.

In addition, the small holes in the slippers can be inserted with various trinkets to meet the individual needs of consumers.

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Crocs are made in a variety of styles and colors. The Classic styles are available in more than 20 colors; most other styles are produced in a palette of four to six colors or two-color combinations. Thus there are different styles for each season. A pair of adult Classic style Crocs normally cost $49.99.

Crocs material is softer than the general shoes, since the rise of 2006, many children around the world because of wearing Crocs sandals by the escalator pinched feet accidents.

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Nike Dunk – The tide of recovery

NIKE DUNK is actually a pair of basketball shoes with good grounding.

zoom air represents the “impact air cushion”, which is usually said zoom, often used in Nike’s top sneakers as cushioning. For NIKE, although the current vision seems to be simple design, low technical content of the DUNK is definitely a pair of cross-century shoes.

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Nike Dunk low

NIKE DUNK is actually intended to be a pair of basketball shoes with good grounding, in terms of design Dunk is to Air Jordan 1 generation as the design prototype, so both have an excellent grip performance and sense of venue, to ensure that those excellent players on the field can be light and stable movement, so the performance is also impeccable.

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Nike Dunk low

SB is the abbreviation of NIKESKATEBOARDING, packaged DUNK SB, ZOOM AIR FC, ZOOM AIR URL, ZOOM AIR ANGUSE and ZOOM AIR E-QUE, DUNK is NIKE in the mid-80s as a blue sneaker launched, after the advent of the era of technology with sneakers slowly forgotten, in the In the mid to late 90s in Japan began to rise retro trend, AIR FORCE 1 and DUNK become two popular shoes, the trend of the representative figure Fujiwara Hiroshi, NIGO and other people have worn appear in various media to make retro become the trend.

Types of Martin boots

Classic Martin Boots

Classic martin boots are a line of traditional style martin boots represented by the Dr. Martin (Dr. martens) brand. The most famous of this series is the 1460 model of Dr. martens. From the beginning of the design until now, it has been the ancestor of the existence of Martin boots. This 8-hole Martin boots using a hard texture of cowhide as the upper material, launched in the period, as a work shoes, the material requirements are stain-resistant and wear-resistant, to meet the needs of high-intensity protection in harsh environments, the sole is made of PVC material, soft and wear-resistant.

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Classic Martin Boots

Outdoor Martin Boots

This category is called Martin boots outdoor shoes, in fact, they are somewhat helpless, obviously also have a head of the industry big brother, no way to be forced to call Martin boots, who let Martin boots broke into the fashion world early to set up a mountain, otherwise it will not suffer this bad breath. Now the e-commerce platform is categorized as “Martin boots” include international brands such as Timberland, CAT, Redwing, etc.

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Outdoor Martin Boots- Timberland

Generalized Martin boots

After the generalization of the Martin boots, really new styles, a wide variety of basic principles is to retain the “high-top boots”, “multi-hole lacing”, “wear-resistant soles” and other characteristics of Martin boots. Of course, there are also the “high-top” to “low-top”, “lacing” to “zipper”, “cowhide” to “zipper”. “cowhide material” to “canvas” and other features to meet the needs of consumers to evolve models.

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Generalized Martin boots

Dr.Marten’s story

The story of the Dr. martens brand starts with a doctor named “Dr. Klaus Maertens”, and in short, Dr. Maertens tried to make a pair of boots with air cushion in the sole to help recover from a leg injury during the rehabilitation process.

So it was loved by people with leg problems. This design was later acquired by a British military company, and since then, the “Dr. martens” brand and the “Air Wair” design have been carried forward, from the military and police all the way to the fashion world, and it has become unstoppable. The Air Wair brand and the Air Wair design were popularized from the military and police to the fashion world. From the early health care shoes, to the work shoes worn by the military and police, to the fashion world’s must-have trendy products, the legendary story of the “Dr. martens” brand has thus begun.

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This type of tooling boots represented by the “Dr. martens” brand was the first to be accepted and loved by domestic people with the fashion trend, and was transliterated as “Martin boots”.
The most representative appearance features of “Martin boots”, as well as the strong influence of many followers or peers, make this type of boots with the characteristics of “high boots”, “front lace”, “thick bottom” and “rough style” It is inevitably divided into a type, and the most popular name “Martin boots” is used to collectively refer to this type of boots.

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Martin boots