Nike Dunk – The tide of recovery

NIKE DUNK is actually a pair of basketball shoes with good grounding.

zoom air represents the “impact air cushion”, which is usually said zoom, often used in Nike’s top sneakers as cushioning. For NIKE, although the current vision seems to be simple design, low technical content of the DUNK is definitely a pair of cross-century shoes.

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NIKE DUNK is actually intended to be a pair of basketball shoes with good grounding, in terms of design Dunk is to Air Jordan 1 generation as the design prototype, so both have an excellent grip performance and sense of venue, to ensure that those excellent players on the field can be light and stable movement, so the performance is also impeccable.

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Nike Dunk low

SB is the abbreviation of NIKESKATEBOARDING, packaged DUNK SB, ZOOM AIR FC, ZOOM AIR URL, ZOOM AIR ANGUSE and ZOOM AIR E-QUE, DUNK is NIKE in the mid-80s as a blue sneaker launched, after the advent of the era of technology with sneakers slowly forgotten, in the In the mid to late 90s in Japan began to rise retro trend, AIR FORCE 1 and DUNK become two popular shoes, the trend of the representative figure Fujiwara Hiroshi, NIGO and other people have worn appear in various media to make retro become the trend.

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