Nike Cortez in “Forrest Gump”

In the movie “Forrest Gump”, Forrest Gump ran all over the United States wearing these shoes, and Cortez has become popular all over the world since then.

Nike Cortez in “Forrest Gump”images
Forrest Gump & Nike Cortez

Nike Cortez

The story begins in Eugene, Oregon, the famous “running capital” in the United States. Bill Bowerman, a local track coach, has been trying to develop a super running shoe.

He combined flip-flop sandals with training shoes to produce the first standard-length midsole, and CORTEZ was born, and running history has since been rewritten.

Nike Cortez in “Forrest Gump”images1
Nike Cortez

Design and features

One of the world’s leading marathoners described the Nike Cortez as “the most comfortable shoe ever.”

The shoe is given a simple outer design that consists of the Nike Swoosh symbol across the sides of the shoe and a streak across the lower portion of the outer sole. Leather was the first material used to construct the shoe, however, Bowerman soon realized that he could reduce the weight of the shoe if he changed the material of the shoe’s upper to nylon and suede.

In 2009, a new design of the Nike Cortez – the Cortez Fly Motion – was released. The Cortez Fly Motion instituted flywire: a lightweight thread made of Vectran placed in the upper of the shoe, which further reduced the weight of the shoe.

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