Nike Air Forfe One: Name and Design

Nike Air Force 1, one of the most classic models of the Sneaker Culture, launched in 1982, the brand’s best-selling Sneaker and passing 3000 versions developed in its entire history.

Air Force One: Name and Design

Air Force One is based on the name of the official aircraft of the President of the United States of America – Air Force One.

The Nike team assigned to AF-1 consisted of biochemists, podiatrists, aerospace engineers and designers.

This team was able to put Air Force at the turning point of sports and sneaker culture by the unprecedented feature of the Nike Air technology.

The technology was based on a tough, flexible pocket surrounded by pressurized air. This technology added flexibility, elasticity and durability to the sole, keeping the sneakers lightweight and shaped unlike any other.

Nike Air Forfe One:  Name and Designimages
Nike Air Force One

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