New Adidas technology:Boost HD

Adidas makes the most comfortable sneakers ever because of its Boost technology.

New Adidas technology:Boost HDimages
Adidas Pulseboost HD

The revolutionary Boost cushioning technology has been one of Adidas’ most major assets in recent years, and it just got its first major update since its 2013 reveal.

Building off of the responsiveness, energy return, and comfort that the original Boost material delivers, Adidas has developed Boost HD, a high-density version that’s designed to be more stable.

Adidas paired it with a newly developed knit upper and an all-new outsole on its latest performance runner called the Pulseboost HD.

Designed with modern urban runners in mind, the Adidas Pulseboost HD features an Adaptive Knit upper that stretches and moves where it’s needed, the updated Boost HD midsole for increased stability and high energy return.

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