Mules–one of the most popular shoe types

The name of Mules is from the Sumerian “mulu”, meaning indoor shoes; or the Latin “mulleus”.

The original meaning of mules is a high heeled shoe that wraps around the back of the foot without showing the toes and only the heel. As the trend has changed time and again, there are now variations of mules with open toes, mules with flat heels, mules with pointed toes and so on, but the open heel is a necessary condition.

The biggest feature of the design version of the Mueller shoes is that there is no back edge of the shoe. This design really achieves the convenient method of wearing “slip-on”. And belong to the shallow mouth design, revealing the heel of the skin and ankle parts. The biggest difference with slipper is the sense of sharpness and fashion sense. And make a comparison with pointed shoes, mule shoes retain the characteristics of the extended foot, elongated leg shape, but also with a wider upper to increase the comfort.

The reason for the popularity of mule shoes is that they are convenient and versatile. Because many mornings are too late to match, mules shoes are the best shoes to wear. No need to tie carry, put on and go, and can match almost all clothes in the closet. Whether it’s pants, shorts, dresses or bustle dresses can be perfectly matched.

Mules–one of the most popular shoe typesimages
The Flat Mule
Mules–one of the most popular shoe typesimages1
The flat Mule

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