Melissa: brilliant idea that ended up working

Melissa’s beautiful success story begins in 1979, in Brazil.

The enterprising brothers Alexandre and Pedro Grendene, decided to introduce something new to the market: shoes made of plastic for women.

Since it is hot in Brazil practically all year round, the objective was for the acceptance of the female public to be great, as the shoes produced were suitable for the tropical climate.

One of the most “delicate” Brazilian brands was born: Melissa.

Melissa: brilliant idea that ended up workingimages
Melissa Aranha

The 1979 Melissa Aranha was inspired by French Riviera fishermen’s sandals.

Melissa’s first appearance on the small screen was in the soap opera Dancing Days, at the feet of actress Sônia Braga, an icon of national cinema.

From there, the sandal became a fever, going from a mere plastic shoe to a symbol of Brazilian fashion.

As a result, the brand diversified its products, creating pieces in addition to the Aranha.

Melissa: brilliant idea that ended up workingimages1
Melissa Aranha

The relationship with the female audience was very strong and even a children’s collection was launched — many girls dreamed of a melissinha at that time!

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