Melissa:The most environmentally friendly material

The material used today is not the same as that used in the carboys. The Grendene brothers worked hard to improve their raw material, in order to deliver more comfortable, beautiful and durable shoes — so much so that today the brand is recognized worldwide for using vegan, non-toxic, flexible, hypoallergenic, soft and recyclable plastic, not to mention the unique scent that everyone loves.

Melissa:The most environmentally friendly materialimages

Melissa’s raw material has a name: it is Melflex, made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), in addition to other elements such as zinc and calcium. It is currently the best thermo-moldable and flexible material in the world, which is why the brand is able to innovate so much in the design of its collections.

An interesting feature is that Melflex expands, adapting to the shape of the feet. Another advantage of the material is that it is washable, ensuring easy cleaning and allowing the shoe to be used on any occasion — even on rainy days! Anyone who buys Melissa also knows that the products can last for decades, even if used daily.

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