Brand introduction- Mach&Mach

Brand introduction- Mach&Machimages

Mach&Mach heels

In 2012, Nina and Gvansta Macharashivli, two talented Georigan sisters, founded mach&mach. At the time, Gvansta was still studying medicine and her sister Nina,who was studying fashion design. Nina convinced her sister directly to leave medical school and created their own brand. Mach&Mach from Georgia started out as a brand specializing in custom-made dresses for and Hollywood stars. But later the brand began to quickly open up the market for the noblewoman and celebrity class, and is no longer exclusive to Hollywood stars.

Mach&Mach is a fantastic and quirky brand. The sisters’ designs are unrestrained, bold, avant-garde and highly experimental. Sequins, rhinestones and beads are their favorite elements, and the overall design is retro and futuristic, with a quirky and individual style that is highly recognizable. In fact, Mach&Mach this entire series- oreorder, are doing very successful. Fire not only this pair of crystal bow heels, and pearl shoes are also major celebrity actress street shooting weapon. Transparent PVC and fine glitter silver leather splicing toe, the toe is decorated with a large crystal, shallow mouth around a circle of pearls. The ankle is also wrapped around two circles of pearls, the overall exquisite dream, wear it, who is not Disney in the escape of the princess?

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The hottest should belong to that double bow models, crystal snake-shaped round straps in the shallow mouth of the toe. And double bow, in the heel, ankle laces also attached to this feature crystal straps. The body of the shoe with satin texture, bright colors, candy blue, pink, etc., full of girlhood. Therefore, everygirl aspire to be able to wear MachMach heels to bloom their fairy dazzling charm.