How to clean leather shoes:

Leather shoes are classics and known for their comfort and long duration. Here’s a guide on the best way to keep them, avoiding stains.

How to clean leather shoes:images
How too clean leather shoes

How to clean leather shoes: step by step

Many wash their shoes under running water or, to reduce the effort, put them in the washing machine. However, soaking in water is not the proper way to wash leather shoes. This material is more delicate and therefore needs special attention.

How to clean leather shoes

Because leather is very sensitive to water, avoid things like washing leather shoes or letting them soak. Also avoid using products with a lot of chemicals, prefer neutral or specific ones for cleaning this material.

Remove waste

First, remove the debris and residue with a hard bristle brush, making light movements so you don’t run the risk of these sediments scratching the leather.

Clean shoes with a soft cloth

The best way to clean leather shoes is with a flannel or other soft cloth, passing it over the surface and inside of the shoe.

Dampen the cloth

Then dampen the cloth with a specific product, depending on whether or not the leather is treated, which can be checked on the shoe’s tag or box. If it is not too dirty or stained, you can use a flannel dampened with water only.

Dry your shoes

Finally, dry your shoes and let them air dry completely at room temperature.

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