How to measure shoe size

Many people wear shoes that are not the right size. Incorrect sizing can lead to foot injuries. Anyone should know how big their feet are before going to the store to buy shoes. This can reduce the number of returns and exchanges due to incorrect sizing. How to measure shoe size. This article will provide advice on the steps on how to measure your feet.

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1.How to measure shoe size. Place a piece of white paper on the floor. Then place the bottom of your foot face down on the white paper. This way the outline of your foot shape is shown perfectly and unmistakably for the next tracing step.

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2.Measuring position: Stand, sit or squat while measuring. The soles of the feet are held stationary in relation to the white paper. The legs are slightly bent with the calves extended forward.

3.Trace the outline of the foot against the outside of the foot. At this point you can wear socks, but not shoes.

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4.Find the width and length measurement points for the outline of the foot on the paper. Take care to draw straight lines with the ruler against the shape of the foot. The outermost edge of the foot can be found.

5.After measuring the length with a tape measure leather ruler, write down this number. This is because it is the main factor in determining shoe size.

6.Measure the width of the foot shape. It’s still important to get this number down. The same shoes often come in different widths, so you need to choose out the right model for your size.

7.In order not to topple the foot, leave a space of about 0.5 cm between the edge of the shoe and the foot.

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How to measure shoe size. Have you learned after reading the article?