Dr.Marten’s story

The story of the Dr. martens brand starts with a doctor named “Dr. Klaus Maertens”, and in short, Dr. Maertens tried to make a pair of boots with air cushion in the sole to help recover from a leg injury during the rehabilitation process.

So it was loved by people with leg problems. This design was later acquired by a British military company, and since then, the “Dr. martens” brand and the “Air Wair” design have been carried forward, from the military and police all the way to the fashion world, and it has become unstoppable. The Air Wair brand and the Air Wair design were popularized from the military and police to the fashion world. From the early health care shoes, to the work shoes worn by the military and police, to the fashion world’s must-have trendy products, the legendary story of the “Dr. martens” brand has thus begun.

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This type of tooling boots represented by the “Dr. martens” brand was the first to be accepted and loved by domestic people with the fashion trend, and was transliterated as “Martin boots”.
The most representative appearance features of “Martin boots”, as well as the strong influence of many followers or peers, make this type of boots with the characteristics of “high boots”, “front lace”, “thick bottom” and “rough style” It is inevitably divided into a type, and the most popular name “Martin boots” is used to collectively refer to this type of boots.

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Martin boots

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