Do you know Jimmy Choo?

Every woman should at least have one pair of Jimmy Choo in their life time.

Jimmy Choo is a British luxury brand named after Zhou Yangjie, a world-renowned Chinese footwear designer. Jimmy Choo’s shoes are the core and soul of the brand. In addition, they also have the same excellent bags, small leather goods, glasses and various accessories. The combination of confident and gorgeous aesthetic concepts and exquisite Italian craftsmanship makes Jimmy Choo deeply loved by everyone. In addition, Jimmy Choo is a pioneering representative of bringing shoes and bags into Hollywood, and the brand shines.

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The brand originated from the customized shoe business founded by Mr. Jimmy Choo, a custom shoemaker, in the East End of London in the early 1990s. At that time, customers were dominated by celebrities from all over the world, including the late British Princess Diana.

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British Princess Diana

With sexy tailoring, fashion design and excellent Italian craftsmanship, Jimmy Choo has won the favor of a group of demanding customers, making the brand’s first design series unprecedented success. Jimy choo’s design has always been noble. His shoes can be both inside and outside. In addition to being stylish, his feet are also very comfortable.


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Love 65


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