Discover two types of brushes used to renew shoes

“Using the right brush is key to cleaning sneakers, a hard brush should only be used on soles and some midsoles. A medium-sized brush can be used around sneakers, but not on suede, nubuck, or satin, etc. Delicate materials. A soft-bristle brush is key when working with delicate materials.”

There are several brushes to renew leather and suede shoes. The difference, basically, is the bristles.

The bristles to renew leather shoes are natural or synthetic bristles.

Natural bristle brushes are of animal origin and, when used to apply grease and finish leather shoes, they make a big difference, because with this type of bristle it is easier to grease and spread the product.

Synthetic bristles are harder and therefore more difficult to polish leather shoes with the grease.

To apply the grease or mousse to your leather shoes, our shoemakers recommend two types of brushes:

Discover two types of brushes used to renew shoesimages

Grease Applicator Brush with Handle

Discover two types of brushes used to renew shoesimages1

Grease Applicator Brush

These brushes have natural bristles concentrated in a round wooden shape, precisely to fit inside the grease pot.

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