Dior ‘j’adior’ Kitten Heel Pumps- Synonymous of Elegance

Dior ‘j’adior’ Kitten Heel Pumps- Synonymous of Eleganceimages

Dior ‘j’adior’ kitten heel pumps are available in low, flat and high heel designs. Despite the different shoe design, but the constant is the brand with “J’adior” around the ribbon decoration. Such a design so that attracting every woman who is eager to catch up with fashion.

  • The brand with “J’adior” around the ribbon design

The word “J’adior” was first introduced in 2004 as a slogan T-shirt. And the french phrase that means “I adore” and symbolizes the greatest value of a woman. The word “J’adior” is no longer a slogan, but a symbol of an indepedent woman. And the design of dior ‘j’adior’ kitten heel pumps also highlights the feminism.

  • The bow is inspired by Mr.Dior

Dior ‘j’adior’ kitten heel pumps, the most fascinating than the brand with ribbons. And at the heel to make a bow to close the design, this bow inspiration. In fact, the design is from Mr.dior again in the evening gown design, compared the general bow, dior’s single knot design has a more handsome and elegant atmosphere.

  • Star on the sole of the shoe

Another ingenious part of this pair of shoes is the metal star on the sole, the star is a tribute to Mr.Dior. The lucky star is the one that made Mr.Dior determined to build his fashion empire. It also represents that every step the woman takes in J’adior kitten heel pumps will be accompanied by luck and determination.